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Resuming Playback Issue (iOS)








iPhone 7


Operating System

Now on : iOS 12.1.3

Original OS version : iOS 12.1.2 


Spotify Version

Now on :

Started with :


My Question or Issue

When listening/watching with another app, Spotify will pause but not resume afterwards? The UI and playback becomes unresponsive and requires a restart.


Took the description from this reddit post (, it explains exactly the problem.


I did a complete reinstall, reboot the phone, all the basic stuff.


I realised that problem right away yesterday right after Spotify updated itself from Apple Store.



New reddit post from u/brnsckn :


Edit 2:

Another thread on this forum raised here :


Edit 3: New Reddit Post #3

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience and cooperation on this matter.


We're glad to say that, with the latest update, this issue should now be fixed!

If you're still having problems, let us know in the comments below and we'll help you out.


Thanks again 🙂


Hi @Peter, I'm confirm the issue described above.
Iphone 6, iOS 12.1 (16892), Spotify version:



Hello @Peter,

 my specific case:

  • Device: iPhone 7+
  • iOS version: 12.0.1
  • Spotify version:

Step 1: Play music while connected to bluetotth headpones

Step 2: Pause music via headphones

Step 3: Wait a few minutes, I think the screen needs to lock itself automatically(no issues as long as screen doesn't lock)

Step 4: Restart music via headphones while screen is dark


That's the scenario that I am able to reproduce every time, I remember sometimes it even crashed when I restarted the music via the button in the app, but I can't reproduce that every time.

The on-board screen recorder of iOS stops once the screen is locked, that's why I couldn't record it so far- I don't know if there are screen recording apps that are able to do this.


Hey folks,


Thanks once again for providing all that info and for being so quick to respond.


We have passed on this info to our tech folks, who are currently looking into it.


We still need to receive confirmation from them about what the root issue is. Once we have received confirmation, we will escalate this thread to our Ongoing Issues board.


To help us to determine the root cause, could those of you who mentioned that the issue occurs when connected to Bluetooth or when switching to another media source also try simply switching out of the Spotify app and leaving it on in the background for a while, and confirm whether the issue still occurs?

We will provide you with any updates in this thread as soon as we have them.


Thanks again for your cooperation on this 🙂

Hi Peter

I open spotify app, play music, stop playing, press iPhone’s home button wait a few seconds, switch back to Spotify and the app not respond anymore.
So I confirm when I simply switching out of the Spotify app and leaving it on in the background for a while the issue still occurs.


Same here: Germany, iPhone 6, iOS 12.1.3, Spotify


I've tested it a bit with the following results:
- Beats X Bluetooth headset connected to iPhone 6s (IOS: 12.1.2), spotify app on, start playing music, stop for 5 minutes, trying to resume, freezes, the app has to be restarted
- after the freeze, I've restarted the phone, tried everything above, it was able to resume playing the song. 
- I've disabled the headset and tried it again after an hour, it freezes again.

I upgraded the IOS a week ago, I'm not sure if it is connected, I'll try to pair the headset again tomorrow from zero to check if it is maybe an issue with IOS itself.


- Iphone 7 

- latest ios update 

- latest spotify update 

- Sony Bluetooth headphones 

- app stays unresponsive after pause 

- sometimes after the restart app opens to the same state and unresponsive 

- after second restart app is  responsive 

- happening this week, maybe a few days longer 


I'm having the same issue. If I were to open twitter and click on a video or a friend sends me a video, when I watch it spotify pauses as it always has but when it used to restart after I close the video it no longer does. When I go back to the spotify app it says it is paused and the app is unresponsive (although sometimes it says it is playing but it is not) and I have to force close the app and open it again to begin listening again. App and iOS are both up to date,


Same problems here🙋‍♀️






iPhone 7

Operating System

iOS 12.1.3

My Question or Issue

using Spotify version 

The app keeps freezing when I pause a song. So I’m listening to a song, and then have to pause it for whatever reason and then when I come back to hit ‘play’ and continue listening to the song it freezes on me and I have to close the app and wait for a bit to open it back up and it reloads. Help?!?!? Often it’s when I pause the song on my iWatch (Series 4, watchOS 5.1.3)


Happening when I have no internet connection (playing downloaded music), 3G, 4G and full WiFi connection.

Haven’t tried through speaker but definitely been happening through Bluetooth headphones. Doesn’t occur with any other media but does occur when I’ve started playing a video or watching a story with sound on Instagram. Not really any pattern too it. Just happening a lot.


This is happening to me since I updated. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon