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Resuming Playback Issue (iOS)








iPhone 7


Operating System

Now on : iOS 12.1.3

Original OS version : iOS 12.1.2 


Spotify Version

Now on :

Started with :


My Question or Issue

When listening/watching with another app, Spotify will pause but not resume afterwards? The UI and playback becomes unresponsive and requires a restart.


Took the description from this reddit post (, it explains exactly the problem.


I did a complete reinstall, reboot the phone, all the basic stuff.


I realised that problem right away yesterday right after Spotify updated itself from Apple Store.



New reddit post from u/brnsckn :


Edit 2:

Another thread on this forum raised here :


Edit 3: New Reddit Post #3

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience and cooperation on this matter.


We're glad to say that, with the latest update, this issue should now be fixed!

If you're still having problems, let us know in the comments below and we'll help you out.


Thanks again 🙂


Yes. Now it’s fixed. Thank you!


iOS 12.1.4, on iphone 6, february 10th, 2019. Same problem. Lots of crashes and freezes, as described. Earlier. 


I should perhaps add that the issue I have more or less exactly matches the description by a moderator earlier on in this discussion (Peter? I think?).


Also, I am in Norway, and my version of spotify is


Apparently there's a later version that hasn't been released here yet? There's nothing about updates in appstore...




Hmm, here again.


Went into app store again, ignored the fact that there wasn't an update available in the first "page" of app presentation in Spotify, and clicked instead for the full app description. There, but only there, I had an option to update the spotify app. Strange..?! Why? If there's a serious and known bug, with a fix, why is the update not distributed properly? Anyway, eager to see if this fixes it. Should do, it's version 8.4.92..




Have this problem on, related to connecting/disconnecting my Airpods. Very much looking forward to an update, I have to restart Spotify a few times a day because of this issue 🙂 First world problem, I know!


Yeah no. This latest update did nothing. I have been having this freezing, lagging and crashing issue for months and months and countless updates later nothing has changed. So frustrating. What’s the point of having premium if you can’t even change the song or pick the one you wanna play without the app crashing. I have plenty of space on my phone that’s not my problem.

This is from my original post a while back, I was told to add it to this thread:


The past couple of months (4-5) I have been experiencing issues with the mobile app. It is constantly crashing, lagging and freezing. For example, I will press a song and it will not play it, and then will finally start playing 30 seconds later or so, and during that time the app will stay frozen. 

Also, it will often continue playing a song after I change it or pause it, and once it finally catches up and un-freezes, the app will crash. I just deleted and re-downloaded the app recently and it did not solve this problem.


I'm not sure this issue was entirely fixed with the latest update.  At first, it appeared it might have been.  It still seems better than before.  However after any extended time off the app, when I come to resume playback I am still getting a non-responsive app a lot, and 10-15 second lags before playback resumes. / iOS 12.1.3


The crashes seem to be fixed, but the app still freezes for up to 30 seconds when switching to it after only a few minutes, specially when using Bluetooth.


Using Spotify


As of February 21st, even with the latest update and new interface, the freezing, lagging, crashing has not gotten better at all. In some instances it has gotten worse.


The app is still freezing and even crashing sometimes for me when resuming playback.  When switching between apps or when jumping back into Spotify from the lock screen, etc...   Is no one else having this issue still on iOS?  It is still very disruptive. / iOS 12.1.3