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Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge w/SD Card Offline Tracks Desyncing

Hey folks!


We're investigating an issue at the moment with our friends at Samsung regarding offline tracks desyncing on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge when using an SD Card.


In the meantime, we'd suggest following these steps;


  • Reinstall
  • Restarting your device
  • Hold off starting Spotify for around 10-20 seconds after the system has started
  • Also, make sure your firmware and Spotify version is up-to-date.

We'll update this thread when we receive any more updates from our teams.





Hey folks!


Thanks for all your comments here. We really do appreciate your patience. As we haven't received any reports since the new Android version has been released, we're going to be closing this thread for now. 


If you're still having trouble, the following has helped many users;


- A clean reinstall.

- Making sure you're rocking the latest version of Spotify and Android.

- Holding off from starting Spotify for around 10-20 seconds after your device has started up.


If you're still having trouble then please let us know.


Cheers 🙂





hello, I still have this issue on my s7. 

Spotify failed and my premium experienced constant advertising. wth.

If getting so frustrated I downloaded mp3 to my phone

I discovered the poor sound quality and low volume even on max in my car
wasn't my deck but Spotify. Wow years wasted with junk sound that I paid