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Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge w/SD Card Offline Tracks Desyncing

Hey folks!


We're investigating an issue at the moment with our friends at Samsung regarding offline tracks desyncing on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge when using an SD Card.


In the meantime, we'd suggest following these steps;


  • Reinstall
  • Restarting your device
  • Hold off starting Spotify for around 10-20 seconds after the system has started
  • Also, make sure your firmware and Spotify version is up-to-date.

We'll update this thread when we receive any more updates from our teams.





Hey folks!


Thanks for all your comments here. We really do appreciate your patience. As we haven't received any reports since the new Android version has been released, we're going to be closing this thread for now. 


If you're still having trouble, the following has helped many users;


- A clean reinstall.

- Making sure you're rocking the latest version of Spotify and Android.

- Holding off from starting Spotify for around 10-20 seconds after your device has started up.


If you're still having trouble then please let us know.


Cheers 🙂




Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey @Autotime, thanks for getting back to us with this info! 


The Community is quite different from the Account's team, that you can contact over email. That's probably why they were requesting more info. We've just released a new version of the app, could you please reinstall the app and check if the issue persists?


Also, can you please head to Settings > Apps > Spotify > Permissions > and give Spotify "Storage" permission to see if that works.


We'll keep an eye over here.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hi no problem I'll get thenough new version tested for you shortly.


Fingers crossed it works and I don't need to go back to and re-download. 


Hey @Autotime, thanks for your quick reply.


Great! Let us know how it goes with this version of the app. Hopefully, everything will be working properly.


Give us a shout if you need some extra help.





First reboot most songs lost.

Second reboot I get the login screen and all data lost.  Storage defaulted back to internal also. 


Please fix this bug v5.9.0.774 downloaded from Google play.  Going back to v5.2.0.885 again.






May I also note with this new version of spotify continuously crashes on every use.





Hey @Autotime, thanks for trying!


Could you please format your SD card and check if the same thing happens? Keep in mind to backup your files before doing so. You can also use a new SD card to give this a try. 



Let us know how it goes.




Thanks for writing me back so quickly.  I hadn't downgraded yet.


I used a new SD card for the test and was formatted by the phone.


The application data was both cleared with the application manager and verified deleted in the both ES File explorer and FX File explorer showing hidden files on.  The SD card did not nead cleaned as it was formatted.


The Spotify uninstalled and reinstalled by google play.


The same results were found as with my usual SD card.


Can someone at spotify attempt to replicate the problem on their phone.  Even with a factory reset phone and a clean formatted + encrypted SD card I encountered this problem.  Please don't ask me to unencrypt the SD to solve the issue.  It does not fix the problem just makes it occur randomly once every 4-6 weeks.


It keep being asked to test this issue with new version but if spotify.


Asking me to test a new version is very taxing on a Paying Customer, everything needs to be redownloaded and my mobile data goes up a fair bit too..


I am also wondering if spotify is aware of the bug or not?
Who can verify this?


This is the canned message.

And by the way spotify cannot work on the internal storage it fill the phone to the top and then the phone fails due to free space.


Thank you for checking in with us again. As we've mentioned in our previous email, we're still investigating the issue and working on a fix. Don't worry though, we'll keep you posted in case we have something to sort this out.

In the meantime, have you tried doing a clean reinstall of the app? If not, please follow these steps on your device to see if it works out on your end:

  1. Go to System Settings
  2. Go to "Apps" 
  3. Find Spotify there
  4. On Spotify's page, first, tap "Force Close"
  5. Then tap "Clear cache" if it's not grayed out.
  6. Then tap "Uninstall" and remove the app.
  7. After uninstalling, power off your device.
  8. If you can, remove the battery now. Power back on.
  9. Using a file manager on your phone or with your USB cable and your computer, go to Internal Storage > Android > Data and delete a folder called
  10. Reinstall Spotify from Google Play

If you do these steps correctly, you'll do a clean reinstallation of the app, with no piece of data to tell Spotify to save data to your internal storage.


I am getting really concerned here.


Updated to with encrypted SD on first reboot i lost most songs and the second reboot I needed to sign in.


But a new bug appeared I haven't seen.

If you tried to play song that said "song unavailable . . ." then the app also crashes after. failed again after cleaning all the data and reinstalling.


Back to = Unencrypted SD No loss of Songs on Reboot

                     + Encrypted SD (No loss of songs /& account info on reboot).



I too noticed songs were not downloading to my Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge (Android 6.0.1). I have a 64 GB SD card that already has songs downloaded but then I got the 0 of XXX songs that stayed in my notification center. I've tried everything, delete cache and data, uninstalled/reinstalled. Still can't download any music to my device, i had over 1000 songs downloaded yesterday now since i've uninstalled and reinstalled i can't add anything back to my device so i don't eat up data when i'm off my wifi at home. Need fix asap. It stays stuck at 0 out of xx downloading in notification center, can't even download a single song.