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Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge w/SD Card Offline Tracks Desyncing

Hey folks!


We're investigating an issue at the moment with our friends at Samsung regarding offline tracks desyncing on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge when using an SD Card.


In the meantime, we'd suggest following these steps;


  • Reinstall
  • Restarting your device
  • Hold off starting Spotify for around 10-20 seconds after the system has started
  • Also, make sure your firmware and Spotify version is up-to-date.

We'll update this thread when we receive any more updates from our teams.





Hey folks!


Thanks for all your comments here. We really do appreciate your patience. As we haven't received any reports since the new Android version has been released, we're going to be closing this thread for now. 


If you're still having trouble, the following has helped many users;


- A clean reinstall.

- Making sure you're rocking the latest version of Spotify and Android.

- Holding off from starting Spotify for around 10-20 seconds after your device has started up.


If you're still having trouble then please let us know.


Cheers 🙂





Hey @Autotime,


We really appreciate all your feedback in regards to this issue.


Please rest assured that all the information you've been giving us has been passed on to our Devs and they are currently investigating this issue. We hope to have a fix for it soon. 


We'll keep you updated.



Thanks for the tip, I'll try that 🙂

Hopefully it will work for me as well.


Hey @Autotime!


Thanks again for your patience with this. Our devs have identified a potential issue with the exact set-up you've described above, and they are currently looking into it.


For now, their advice is to hold off on starting Spotify for about 10 seconds after the system has rebooted. Can you test this out and let us know if it helps at all? 


They also recommend that you regularly check for Samsung OS and Spotify updates.



I have already been asked to try that.  Several times.   I have responded several times.


   I can hold off for 10 minutes or hours before starting spotify

It doesn't make a difference. 


The only thing that works on the new versions and I have written this several times to the staff.


1 disable spotify using an application disabler

2 reboot

3 enable spotify after reboot




Part of spotify must have a background service?




Hey @Autotime!


Thanks for getting back to us so quickly.


We've continued to pass all of your info onto the folks checking things out here.

We totally understand any frustration this may be causing, and we really appreciate you bearing with us.


Rest assured we'll get back you with more info when it comes our way.
Do give us a shout if you're seeing any changes in the meantime too.


Thanks, and take care 🙂


Not sure if this is connected but application manager reports all data in internal storage even though my cache is on external SD card as confirmed with file manager.


Hey @Autotime!


This is just a check-in to let you know the team’s still looking into things here. Be sure to let us know if you're seeing any changes in the meantime.


We really appreciate your patience.


Have a great day.


The songs i've downloaded to external sd are no loger available after updating to v6. Please fix it!

The storage option is no longer available either!


I have this problem also and my Samsung is NOT an Edge - it is the standard S7.  But, the SD card was originally formatted on a S7 Edge.  I exchanged the Edge for the standard S7 after finding some aspects of the Edge didn't work well for me.  Now Spotify randomly changes the storage location from the SD card back to internal storage.  This happens frequently but with no apparent consistency.  Whenever it happens, the previously downloaded 30 gigs of music becomes unavailable and I have to download it all again.  Very disappointing, especially when I am somewhere without internet access and suddenly all my music is gone.




Any news on this issue? I'm having the same problem.