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Saved songs do not show as saved on Album or Artist pages







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Songs that have already been added to library appear as unadded in artist pages (and elsewhere). Either Spotify has a terrible data model or they don't care about their users. Or perhaps it's both? How is it that it's been 4 years and this bug is still in the platform...

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As the saved version is not the same version saved under The Artist/Album, this is currently expected behavior. We'll make sure to let the right team know this is something you'd like to see different in the future.


Thanks again for your reports, we appreciate your feedback.



What the **bleep** does it mean “it’s expected behaviour”?! Not a single song is supposed to be displayed as saved in the artist page? Well, then a good 80% of my library has unexpected behaviour because they’re usually shown as saved. I wanted to change that 20% or less of my library that had what I thought was a problem, but apparently it’s the other 80% who must be fixed then. 🤔

  • Spotify version
  • Device model and OS version
    MacBook Pro macOS 10.13.6 
  • How long you've been experiencing this issue for?
    - Can't really tell since when I'm having this issue. But there are some albums I added end of 2016 which are now a duplicates
  • Do you experience this with all songs, or just certain songs?
    - Usually I'm saving the whole LP/EP, it is not happening for every album. But I reached the 10.000 songs limit and this is a real pain. Hope you can escallate this as well, because for some reasons this gets more or less ignored (with more than 400 pages of comments and over 8000 votes). There is no moderator commenting since ages. I'm talking about that one:

 How is this issue not solved yet? I've been having the same problem since a couple of months and it is really annoying, it totally interferes with the user experience, making it not very pleasant, I thought this problem was recent, but it's been four years and somehow the Spotify team hasn't solved it yet?


Another example if the Spotify Team need more info:

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 10.59.50 AM.png





As you can see, this is a screenshot of the album "reputation" by Taylor Swift saved in my library









Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 10.58.28 AM.png






And this is a screenshot of the album in the artist page, which shows as not saved.








And for more info:


  • Spotify version:
  • Device model and OS version:
    Every device!!
    - Huawei Mate SE, android version 8.0
    - MacBook Pro mid-2015 macOS Mojave 10.14.1
    - iPad mini 4 iOS 12.1.1.
  • How long you've been experiencing this issue for?
    Several months now, but it seems the issue started long before
  • Do you experience this with all songs, or just certain songs?
    Just certain songs/albums/artists

I really hope this design problem gets addressed. 



It turns out I'm not the only one with such a problem.
I have a similar situation with the display of songs. I do not understand how this problem cannot be solved in years?


Been having this issue for months. Only workaround I've found is to remove the old one in your songs list and re-save the new one. This issue is almost 4 years old?! Seriously Spotify get some devs on this issue right now. It completely ruins the user experience. I'm sitting here thinking why isn't this album saved, I saved the ENTIRE album. I then search in my songs list and sure enough it is saved. This happens at least once a week if not more, it is driving me insane!! This might be YOUR expected behavior because you programmed it that way but obviously NO ONE likes this behavior and no one is expecting it. 


Issue still exists in 2019 - I'm finding this with singles that are the exact same version (no different versions of the song released).


Will the status for this indefinitely remain "Not right now"?


How about individual songs not showing up under their album in albums anymore unless you like the whole album ?

Why has this since been changed ?


So it's literally 2019 and this issue still hasn't been fixed? Almost 3 years after this thread was made...So it's literally 2019 and this issue still hasn't been fixed? Almost 3 years after this thread was made...


This problem has existed for as long as I remeber on Spotify. It's especially annoying for artists such as Kanye West who can't seem to help themselves by constantly fiddling with their back-catalogue.


It's especially prominent since with the new 'like song' system replced the old 'save song' system. When a song comes up on a playlist and you think "hey, I like this song", you're supposed to hit that like button. But there is always that nagging voice in the back of your head which says "hey, didn't I like this song before?" You press the button anyway, and then go to your library to see if your suspicion was true... low and behold: two songs in your library that are exactly the same! (Same reason why merging singles with album versions has become even more needed recently.)


I'd have no problem with a system where the act of liking an album just creates a mirror to the artist page/latest version of that album, so that any changes to said album are automatically reflected in your library. Maybe with a small banner to indicate that this has occured like a previous poster suggested. 



PLEASE FIX THIS! STOP SAYING IT'S EXPECTED BEHAVIOR! I've been going through my library today and I'm shocked at how many songs/albums in my library are affected by this. I have most of Incubus saved, one of the first bands I liked when I moved to Spotify but if I go to the artist's page now, nothing is liked but it's all in my library still! This issues causes duplication in people's libraries! Ridiculous that this is considered expected behavior, FIX IT!!!!!