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Saved songs do not show as saved on Album or Artist pages







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Songs that have already been added to library appear as unadded in artist pages (and elsewhere). Either Spotify has a terrible data model or they don't care about their users. Or perhaps it's both? How is it that it's been 4 years and this bug is still in the platform...

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As the saved version is not the same version saved under The Artist/Album, this is currently expected behavior. We'll make sure to let the right team know this is something you'd like to see different in the future.


Thanks again for your reports, we appreciate your feedback.



The basic functionality is broken and you are saying "it's not a bug, it's a feature". You should be ashamed of yourself.


That is pretty absurd to state this is expected behavior. It's incredibly annoying and happens all the time for me. I'll be looking through my daily mixes and see a songs that I know I've already saved. I'll search for them in my Liked Songs and they will be there; the exact same artist/song/album. It makes organizing my music unnecessarily difficult.


Just confirming this is still an issue in the Desktop version.  Annoying when you are trying to check out artists and verifying if you have already liked.  Duplicates should also not be allowed in Liked songs.  iTunes handles that...hint hint.  


I explained this to the Spotify Support Chat:

This explains what my issue.


Step by step:
1. I save ADD any song to my Library called "Greatest"
2. I want to see the album of that ADDED song
I'm still working on this. Please bear with me a little bit longer, and stay on this screen so we don't get disconnected.
3. From my library "Greatest" I tap on the 3 dots on the right of the song
4. I see the album cover and click a few lines lower "Show Album"
5. The album is being showed including all the songs within that album..
6. I scroll within this album to the song I ADDED
7. I see the ADDED song but I cannot see anything that identifies this ADDED as being on of those added to my library "Greatest"
8. So, it's not highlighted green nor has a heart..
9. For that reason it's confusing to determine which song has ever been added to my library or if there are any other songs within this album ever added to my library


Please fix this issue.. It's very difficult when trying to go back into the catalogue of artists I've had on my radar and sort out which songs I want to listen to. 


For example I'll like a song that Spotify has reccommended via discover weekly or release radar, go to the artist page, and it shows that I have no songs saved from the artist even though I've enjoyed multiple songs from there before. I want to listen to other songs I've already saved from this artist, but I can't see which ones I've saved without going into my Saved Songs and searching for the artist by name. VERY annoying 😞 


2021 and this is STILL an issue. I have spoken to support about it numerous times and they say they will get back to me and never do. The only work around is to resave songs but I don't want old songs to be taking up all the space at the top of my liked music and pushing down songs that are actually new. Especially, when Spotify doesn't have a separate recently added page and is list based. It would still be annoying but if it had a separate recently added page with a similar layout to apple music's recently added where it shows albums instead of one big list it would be a bit better. This is incredibly inconvenient for me as I'm constantly having to think "huh have I really not saved this song" and I'm constantly double checking in my saved music. I wish Spotify would just do something about this instead of ignoring us in favour of working on irrelevant stuff.


October 2021 and I see that this has been an issue since 2014 🤔 Does it really take more than 8 years to fix this? I've used spotify on so many devices over the years since like 2015 and this STILL happens. I save songs/albums and they show up in my Liked Songs playlist and library just fine. But in the artist page and any other place, it shows that it's not saved. Pleeeeeaaaase fix this annoying issue.


Still having this issue and I commented on this over a year ago. It's even worse now because the liked songs show both in my library and in the liked songs list for the artist but not on the artist's page or their discography. Only workaround I've found is to remove the old one in my library and re-save the new one. I'm sitting here thinking why isn't this song saved when I go to the artist's page and then search in my library and sure enough it is saved. This happens at least once a week if not more, it is driving me insane because I have to waste time re-saving songs!! This is not expected behavior or a feature, this is a BUG!


Just giving a +1 to this thread, still in 2022 this is the behavior and is incredibly frustrating. I am currently trying to "audit" my library and this is ridiculously confusing -- even when I play the song directly from the album it shows as liked, but not on the album itself.


That means that clearly, the application does know the song is saved and is getting it from the same source! But if I like the song from the album, it saves it a second time.


There is no way this was the intended behavior even if it's the expected behavior.


Bump. This is so frustrating. Apple Music DOES NOT have this issue.