Saved songs do not show as saved on Album or Artist pages







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Songs that have already been added to library appear as unadded in artist pages (and elsewhere). Either Spotify has a terrible data model or they don't care about their users. Or perhaps it's both? How is it that it's been 4 years and this bug is still in the platform...

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As the saved version is not the same version saved under The Artist/Album, this is currently expected behavior. We'll make sure to let the right team know this is something you'd like to see different in the future.


Thanks again for your reports, we appreciate your feedback.



This is definetly a bug: Same ARTIST, VERSION, ALBUM, SONG and even PLAYLIST... still not showing as saved in the player.. C'mon.. have a look!!





This is literally how spotify used to work years ago until they stripped it out and ruined their entire platform. Makes it impossible to find songs when you have thousands saved.  Literally makes you go save a song, then go to the artist page, save that artist, then go to the album and save that if you ever want to be able to find a song in different ways.  Ive posted about this before and they said they were working to fix it and never did anything.  Absolute garbage