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Search not working on Roku App

Went to listen through my Roku today and "Search" isn't working / is crashing with:


"Search error

Error searching. (code 16.1)"


This is happening on both of my Roku 3's, my Roku Premiere+ and my Roku Stick.


Though I could give a darn about the "What's New" feature, it also says:


"No content available

No content loaded.

Please try again later."


"Top Tracks" appears to be working, but I would never listen to anything there.


First my playists are taken away from the Roku App and now I can't even search?!?! This basically makes it impossible to listen to anything I WANT on my Roku devices.


Really disappointed in Spotify!

Hey folks,


We're just checking in to let you know that we're closing this thread up.


Our tech team have been looking into things, and this should now be fixed.

We've also had reports from many of you confirming this, and we appreciate you letting us know.


In the meantime, we also noticed some recent comments about playlists on Roku in this thread. We have some more info on this here

Give us a shout if you have any other questions in the future. We appreciate your patience while this was looked into.


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Just checked, and I am still receiving "error searching (code 16.1)."

  • Spotify on my Roku 3
  • version: 7.5.0
  • Build: 4099
  • country: USA

the search function on roku stick does not work. error message 16.1 appears any time i type a letter. only "top songs" play (which are of no interest BTW). have tried deleting and reinstalling app to no avail.


i agree with others here--until this issue is resolved, this app is basically useless. 


please fix!


spotify on roku stick

version: 7.5.0

build: 4099-24

country: USA


 I am still receiving "error searching (code 16.1)."

  • Spotify on my Roku 3
  • version: 7.5.0
  • Build: 4099-04
  • country: USA

Please fix !
Thank you.


I am paying for spotify premium ONLY so I can use it on my roku. I cannot use spotify on my roku if I cannot search music...thats kind of the whole thing. Please address this issue or offer compensation for all the down time.


Roku 3's & Roku Stick:

  • Software Version: 7.5.0
  • Build: 4099
  • Country: USA

Roku Premiere+:

  • Software Version: 7.6.0
  • Build: 4113
  • Country: USA

I am having the same issue!

To say spotify premium isnt cheap when you're a student and have little money as it is it's annoying that the app on my Roku wont work 😞

Also why remove the playlists?? I only used it the other day and its brilliant but now its gone.


I recently received my Roku Premiere+ and this weekend, I started getting the same search error 16.1 and couldn't get into Spotify to even listen to it.  I have complained to them and have received one month of Premium free!  My Roku version was7.5.1.411.  I updated to version and the problem still persists. 

I have a separate and ongoing issue with Spotify in that after listening for an evening, if I either go out to the Roku home page or just pause the song in Spotify, most of the time the next time I want to listen to Spotify I have to reboot Roku for Spotify to work.  This is now an academic issue since with the search error I can't get into Spotify!


I've got the same error.  My software is 7.5.0.  In the US.


I am also having error code 16.1. My software version is 7.5.0.  In the US.


I don't know if you noticed that I got a month of Premium for free from Spotify!  If everyone on here complaining would demand a similar credit until Spotify gets off their **bleep** and fixes this problem, maybe that would put economic pressure on them.