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Search not working on Roku App

Went to listen through my Roku today and "Search" isn't working / is crashing with:


"Search error

Error searching. (code 16.1)"


This is happening on both of my Roku 3's, my Roku Premiere+ and my Roku Stick.


Though I could give a darn about the "What's New" feature, it also says:


"No content available

No content loaded.

Please try again later."


"Top Tracks" appears to be working, but I would never listen to anything there.


First my playists are taken away from the Roku App and now I can't even search?!?! This basically makes it impossible to listen to anything I WANT on my Roku devices.


Really disappointed in Spotify!

Hey folks,


We're just checking in to let you know that we're closing this thread up.


Our tech team have been looking into things, and this should now be fixed.

We've also had reports from many of you confirming this, and we appreciate you letting us know.


In the meantime, we also noticed some recent comments about playlists on Roku in this thread. We have some more info on this here

Give us a shout if you have any other questions in the future. We appreciate your patience while this was looked into.


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I haven't tried Amazon music yet but plan to. I have been impressed
with what AccuRadio offers so far. It's free and no ads so far. I've
only listened to playlists under Classical Music and find it's sort of a
limited combination of Pandora and Spotify. Some playlists are more
like Pandora with varied artists on the same playlist but other
playlists relate to tracks all by the same composer or by the same
conductor. I still want Sotify to get working on fixing what is an
obvious problem that is affecting all listeners using Roku!

I'm having the same issue as everybody else (same error code, 16.1).  I'm brand new to Roku so I thought the app itself was just terrible- glad to know that SOMETIMES it actually does have usable content!


Listening to music was actually a big part of why I bought a Roku in the first place.  I don't have speakers so this was supposed to be a way for me to play music through my TV.  If I can't listen to playlists on here, I'll likely be returning my Roku.  I'm surprised that Spotify isn't working through this more quickly to support their partnership with Roku.  I'm very disappointed, and I'm sure Roku is too!


I am having the same problem with Roku. The only thing I can access is Top Tracks, none of my playlists, stations, or songs. I also can't search. 

They're saying it's a ROKU problem (outdated software) and not a Spotify
problem. If you just bought you ROKU that makes no sense. You should check
with ROKU and let us know their response.

When they say "working with Roku," that sounds like a legal dispute. Why
would either company so badly abandon their customers like they have, for
so long? To me it suggests they are each too busy blaming each other. Sad.

Error 16.1 - clean reinstall did NOT work



I am having this same issue. Tried all of the fixes referenced here and issue remains. What are my options?


Same issue as everyone else. Tried unistalling/reinstalling and restarting the device. Also tried changing the network from wireless to wired and nothing works. The UI looks like Spotify from 2012 too which isnt great.


And, we need to remember that Roku doesn't write the app, Spotify does (and Netflix, and HBO, and HULU, and MLB, and AMAZON and all the other streamers write their own "channels" for the Roku platform, not Roku). From what I've seen, Spotify has done little to no work on their Roku app since 2012. 

I recently upgraded from a Roku 2 to Premiere+ using a Roku promo for
$30 off. Spotify search worked just fine until last Saturday when we
finished listening to a 100 track album by Arthur Fiedler. When we went
to search for another Fiedler album is when the search error popped up!
I have written to Spotify several times and was given a month credit on
my Premium membership. I would hope Spotify will be fixed in that time
As an alternative, I currently am listening to AccuRadio on my Roku. It
fits between Pandora and Spotify.
Last winter, I had a separate problem with Spotify on Roku and after
going back and forth with Spotify, they tried to claim that Roku
supports the Spotify app on Roku! I then spent several weeks going back
and forth with Roku with no success and went back to Spotify on this
other issue (after listening for an evening if I either went out of
Spotify to the Roku home page, I would have to reboot Roku the next time
I wanted to listen to Spotify. If I just paused a song and stayed in
Spotify, sometimes I could go to "now playing" and wouldn't need a
reboot. Other times I would still have to reboot Roku), This issue is
now academic as I can't get into Spotify due to the search error!