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Search not working on Roku App

Went to listen through my Roku today and "Search" isn't working / is crashing with:


"Search error

Error searching. (code 16.1)"


This is happening on both of my Roku 3's, my Roku Premiere+ and my Roku Stick.


Though I could give a darn about the "What's New" feature, it also says:


"No content available

No content loaded.

Please try again later."


"Top Tracks" appears to be working, but I would never listen to anything there.


First my playists are taken away from the Roku App and now I can't even search?!?! This basically makes it impossible to listen to anything I WANT on my Roku devices.


Really disappointed in Spotify!

Hey folks,


We're just checking in to let you know that we're closing this thread up.


Our tech team have been looking into things, and this should now be fixed.

We've also had reports from many of you confirming this, and we appreciate you letting us know.


In the meantime, we also noticed some recent comments about playlists on Roku in this thread. We have some more info on this here

Give us a shout if you have any other questions in the future. We appreciate your patience while this was looked into.


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I agree with your point about "economic pressure." How did you contact Spotify? How did you get the free premium service?


Just adding my name to the chorus here. Same problem. Same frustrations.


Yep. Me too. I've now had this issue for a few days. Right now my Spotify is virtually useless. Please fix.


What is going on here?  Are Spotify and Roku pointing fingers at each other and not thinking of their customers?  Playlists disappear and now search is gone.  Looking for another solution.

Here is exactly what Roku told me: Roku Customer Support

We apologize for the inconvenience. All Spotify playlists use a new format which is not supported in the current Spotify channel on the Roku platform. As such, these playlists were recently disabled to ensure a smooth experience. We hope to work with Spotify to bring back support for Spotify playlists and search.


I wrote to:  Here's the reply I got back:

Thanks for reaching out to us. We're sorry to hear that you're having trouble using Spotify on Roku. No worries, we'll be glad to let you know what can be done.

We've checked your account with the username edwjohnson and can see it's on Premium.

Due to various technical challenges, the Playlists feature has been removed from the Roku Spotify app.

We do understand your concerns and are working with Roku on how best to move forward with this app. In the meantime, you can search for and play artists, songs and albums, and your playlists are always available on your other devices with our desktop and mobile apps.

There are other ways to listen to Spotify on your TV too. Check out our guide at

We'll be happy to compensate you for this issue. Just let us know if you'd like one month's refund or one month of free Premium applied on your account.

We look forward to hearing back from you.

All the best,



I'm sooooo skeptical that Spotify will fix this.  Look at the Playlists issue - I started posting that I was having trouble accessing playlists and playing content in JULY of last year.  About 10 months later, Spotify finally addressed the removing the ability to access Playlists from Roku.  That's the most Office Space "fixed the glitch" solution I've ever seen. So, if history is our guide, about a year from now, Spotify will roll out Roku V1.2.......where they simply remove Search from the app. Glitch fixed! The funny thing is I'm no longer mad since I cancelled my subscription.  So, if you're all angry about this like I was, just cancel.  Seriously. It feels good.  You can sign back up anytime.


@edwjohnson I hope you reply back and point out to them that this is NOT the same as the Playlists issue.  This has been the problem - most of the Spotify support folks seem to see our Search issue as the same as the Playlist issue - they don't even realize we are talking about a NEW problem.  Infuriating.


Thank you for investigating this issue.  I am Premium member as well and am experiencing the same issues - no playlists and error code 16.1 under search.  How did all of the Spotify functionality disappear?

I never addrssed the Playlist issue at all as I wasn't making use of
it. The search error as you have seen makes Spotify unusable on Roku!
The other issue I have previously in discussion with Spotify is that
after listening to Spotify on one session and either go out to the Roku
home page or just pause a song track and leave it in Spotify, the next
evening almost every time I have to reboot Roku before I can continue
listening to Spotify where I left off at "now playing". This has been
an issue for about 6 months and they have done nothing. I have also
addressed this issue with Roku with no success.

I first noticed the search error code Saturday evening when I finished
one album and went to look for another to play and couldn't! just the
16.1 error code! When I complained , maybe because I've been on their
case about other issues, they offered me a month of Premium free. I
would hope they will have it fixed before that month is up or I will be
on them again! I hadn't been using the Playlist option so that was no
big loss to me. For about 6 months, after listening to Spotify for one
listening session, if I either go out of Spotify to the Roku home page
or stay in Spotify and just pause the music on a track, the next time I
go to listen to Spotify, almost always I have to reboot Roku to be able
to get Spotify to work. They still haven't fixed that problem either.
One of our sons has both a Roku device where he is having the same
search error but he also bought an Amazon Fire TV device. He has no
problem with Spotify on the Fire TV.