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Sharing to Instagram Story Not Working







iPhone 8+

Operating System

iOS 12.0.1


My Question or Issue


When I share a song to my Instagram Story, Instagram prompts me to login. I log in using Facebook credentials and it does not post the song to my story. Replicated this issue multiple times.


here are my troubleshooting steps:


- force closed both apps.

- relogged out/logged into both apps.

- deleted and redownloaded both apps.


The issues still persist. I noticed this issue after updating Spotify to version 8.4.75.


Hey guys,


Thanks for your patience. 


We see some replies here that it's fixed after updating and we can confirm this. Just update the Instagram app and you're good to go! 🙂


Have a great day & enjoy sharing


Same problem here. Slight difference being that Spotify prompts me to log into my ig accout. When I do this the song is still not shared to my stories.


I’m having the same issue. It has been doing this all day. I even tried deleting and reinstalling both apps.


I have the same problem! It keeps asking me to log in when I try to share a song on Instagram but then after I logged in it doesn’t let me share the song!


Same problem. Really frustrating that there are still problems like this after however many years of apps working together without a problem. I do believe it is an instagram issue.


Hi this is happening to me aswell! Do you know how to fix this? 


I haven’t found the solution, but I reported this on Instagram too


Same. Commenting in hopes of a quick fix. This would be a great feature if it was working.


It was working fine this morning! So weird! 


Exact same issue. It may be a new update bug? I’m running iOS 12.0.1. Spotify And IG 67. Plz help! 


Me too!! I thought it was just my account or something but it's relieving to know it's not.  I as well tried doing the same things: logging out of both my Spotify and Instagram accounts, deleting and redownloading both apps, and turning off and back on my iPhone.  Still, no luck.  Hopefully the problem get fixed asap.