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Sharing to Instagram Story Not Working







iPhone 8+

Operating System

iOS 12.0.1


My Question or Issue


When I share a song to my Instagram Story, Instagram prompts me to login. I log in using Facebook credentials and it does not post the song to my story. Replicated this issue multiple times.


here are my troubleshooting steps:


- force closed both apps.

- relogged out/logged into both apps.

- deleted and redownloaded both apps.


The issues still persist. I noticed this issue after updating Spotify to version 8.4.75.


Hey guys,


Thanks for your patience. 


We see some replies here that it's fixed after updating and we can confirm this. Just update the Instagram app and you're good to go! 🙂


Have a great day & enjoy sharing


Aynı sorunu yaşıyorum. Daha düne kadar paylaşım yapabiliyordum. Yeni güncellemelerle böyle oldu.



Same issue. I don't see a Reply button on this issue ( is it because it's marked "Solved"?


It definitely seems like a bug in Spotify because other apps (Gallery, Files etc.) show Instagram stories as an option when you select "Share" for an image or any kind of media.



Android 10

OxygenOS 10.0.1.GM21AA

running on OnePlus 7 Pro


Not exactly related, but I every time I tired to share a song through Instagram stories it opens up the camera only.

Hi, I'm trying to share in the IG stories but when I click on "share on IG stories", IG opens the camera to post the story on IG, but nothing about spotify appears. I'vre tried to cancel and download again both IG and spotify, but nothing change.

It works perfecrly with FB, but no with IG. WHY? 


I'm having same problem. I go to share a Spotify song to my Instagram story and it just opens up my instagram camera. Totally disappointing me right now. Seems like it's been a known issue for many months now.

Galaxy S8


I'm having the same issue, and I've uninstalled both apps. Have samsung galaxy note 9, android software 10.0. Nothing's working.


Hey there, I just recently add my sister into my family plan, and she's having this similar issue, she can't share the song ti IG story. All my member in family plan didn't have this issue except my new member. 

Here's the Information


Plan : Family

Country : Indonesia

Device : Samsung SM-A205F

OS : Android 

Spotify ver :

Instagram ver :


Hope spotify can fix this, thank you 


fixed it quickly please..