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Sharing to Instagram Story Not Working







iPhone 8+

Operating System

iOS 12.0.1


My Question or Issue


When I share a song to my Instagram Story, Instagram prompts me to login. I log in using Facebook credentials and it does not post the song to my story. Replicated this issue multiple times.


here are my troubleshooting steps:


- force closed both apps.

- relogged out/logged into both apps.

- deleted and redownloaded both apps.


The issues still persist. I noticed this issue after updating Spotify to version 8.4.75.


Hey guys,


Thanks for your patience. 


We see some replies here that it's fixed after updating and we can confirm this. Just update the Instagram app and you're good to go! 🙂


Have a great day & enjoy sharing


I'm having the same issue! I already log out, then clear the cache, uninstall and reinstall it. But, nothing's change. Please fixed this issue!


Phone : Samsung J7 Pro

Software : android 8.1.0

Instagram version :

Spotify :



I'm having the same issue. I have already clear cache on Instagram and Spotify, uninstall and reinstall but doesn't work.


Country: Perú

Phone: Samsung S9 Plus

Software: Android 9.1.0

Instagram version:

Spotify Version:


I have an Huawei Mate 20 Pro. I Can't seem to share songs through Spotify on Instagram Stories. This has been going on for quite some time, I hoped that it would be fixed by now. 


I tried logging out of both apps, deleting both apps, re-installing them. Didn't work. 


Please help me! 


Mismo problema de mierda, no an resuelto un carajo, iPhone 8 Plus  ya desinstale las dos app Spotify y Instagram y volví a instalar, la misma mierda  el soporte de Spotify es una mierda




before i could always share music on instagram stories and now i cant anymore?? I deleted both apps already en reinstalled them, switched on and off my phone. Nothing helps.







The same for me is here. I got a new phone and install them two but nothing
is change
Getting the same thing as well, this time around when you hit share it just pops up with the message and says ‘oops we cannot share to instagram at this moment’ etc etc. Deleted both apps, soft reset my phone, still ongoing. Very frustrating lol.
Yeah that's my point. How could we're the only one who couldn't share it to
ig stories? While others could do it lol

Hi I have the same problem, it's not working.

i can't share song in my Instagram story.... 



Yup happening to me as well, it just says "Oops. Sorry, we couldn't share to Instagram Stories, try again later."