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Sharing tracks and episodes not working on Android and iOS

We've received reports that sharing tracks and podcast episodes isn't working on Android and iOS devices. This is being investigated.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.




When I press share on a specific song it just shares the song’s artist instead of the song itself. Can you help me please?

creo q ya no esta disponible la opción de compartir un fragmento de la letra de una canción

Hi Welcome to our community! Could you be more specific? Are you trying to share from Spotify to Instagram or post the lyrics directly to Stories? Thanks!

Why does my share lyrics button disappeared?
I literally used it yesterday and today when i wanted to share something, it was gone
I need help because i use that feature a lot to share music to ig, but now it's gone and I don't know what to do

estoy tratando de publicar parte de la letra a stories, y no me aparece la opción corrobore con otra persona y si le aparece la opción 

When I click on share it just starts loading and eventually stops. I tried disabling/enabling canvas, reinstalling spotify, clearing cache & data, etc...

I'm just about to post and see this. Exactly the same issue here. It seems the app failed to generate the preview for the song I want to share..


Same for me. Samsung a13

Date: 17.1.2023


You should select the "ME TOO" option on their initial post. It gets more traction this way to be looked into/solved.


I'd like to "Me Too" this, but can't see how to do that. The share option just fails to load.