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Shuffle Is Only Going Through A Handful Of Songs

Hello, everyone!


I have finally signed up to Spotify premium and was excited to do the transition and reinvent how I listen and discover music. Spent a good 2 weeks building my library, with close to a 1000 songs downloaded on my phone (for offline listening), but when I shuffle the songs in my library, the same songs will start repeating after I've gone through 20 or 30 songs. This is not an issue with probabilities, I actually started skipping the tracks and finding that it was repeating the same 20/30 tracks I had already heard out of a pool of a 1000 songs. It's hard to believe a simple shuffle feature doesn't work, and it's hurting my experience. It's especially frustrating seeing that these issues have been going on for years. Is there an easy fix for this problem?

Hey folks,


If you're experiencing an issue with Shuffle while using Connect, there's a separate Ongoing Issue about it here. Make sure to head over there and add your vote to it.

If, however, you're experiencing an issue with Shuffle without Connect, then please check out our Spotify Answer about Shuffle issues here.





The problem started on June 28 2018. I never had this problem before. I have many playlists with 500 + songs . Everytime i see that only 100 songs are playling over and over again from my playlists. I can't fix it no matter what i do. I want all my songs to be played in the row .... Why is this happening? Any help? 


Hey @BlueHeart


That sounds odd!


Please let me know what kind of device, operating system (exact version) and Spotify version you're running. 🙂


You'll find Spotify version by going to the app - Menu dots - Help - About Spotify.


Also, does this happen when you shuffle or when you just play the songs without using Shuffle or Repeat functions?


Looking forward to your reply!


Hey @Sebasty

I'm using my hp laptop . Windows 10. I use the webplayer from my chrome browser .  I have also tried all the browsers (mozilla ,opera,safari etc) but i get the same issue.  I didn't have this problem before.  It doesn't matter if i have pressed the shuffle or the repeat button , i still have the same problem.  

Everytime i can only play 100 songs and then if 100 songs are played the playlists start from  the beginning (if i have pressed the repeat button) or it just stops (if don't have pressed the repeat button). 


We would like to collect feedback around shuffle here in this thread. 


If you think you're having trouble with the shuffle feature please post:

  • Your device
  • Your device OS
  • Your Spotify version

Exactly steps to reproduct the issue you're experiencing. 

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I use Spotify on a MacBook Pro running the lastest  version, an iPhone X running the latest versiom, and a Windows 10 desktop. The shuffle feature doesn’t work on any of them. It’s the same problem we’ve had for years that you’ve ignored. In playlists or my library (>2,500 songs) shuffle only plays about 100-150 songs. I only ever hear those songs. It’s ridiculous. I just want to shuffle through my whole library. 


Thanks for reestablishing this issue as it is important to Spotify members.  The Shuffle function should be a random play of all the entries in a selected playlist no matter what the size. Right now, most users find that the Shuffle function always plays a small selection of a playlist repeatedly, and misses many songs completely.  Using a random number generator function with a “seed” based on the time and date of a user selecting the shuffle function to establish the order of play of all songs in the list would be a simple way to go. This should be a high priority for Spotify to resolve.  

The issue occurs on all my devices and Spotify programs/applications. For example with iPhone SE, iOS 11.4.1, Spotify App

Occurs with my playlists 150 songs to 1500 songs.  Occurs with direct play through USB and Connect.


I'm using now a Huawei P9, Android 8.0.0

Ive used before a Samsung Galaxy 5 and using the app in my Windows 10 laptop and in every device I experience the same issue.: there's not such thing as a real shuffle  it plays the same 50 songs over and over, ignoring a big part of my play lists. It was never fixed by Spotify and this is going for years now. 


Phone: Google Pixel 2

Android Version: 9

Spotify Version: armV7


I don't pay for Premium. Whenever I hit "Shuffle Play" it will play songs from the very top of the playlist that I am in, but it always plays those some ones. There are about 200 songs in the playlist, yet I normally hear the same 10 (and can't skip past them due to having the 6 skips in an hour).


The issue lies in backend,  in the algorithm itself. Unless you do that on the application side. Then it's shared for sure, as I'm having the issue on mobile (Android) and Windows, and Linux.


Having somewhere around 2000 songs and playing shuffle feels scary. I am really scared to do that... And I'm not even joking. I feel like it always gives me the same songs, or weights some bands (more popular ones) more. 


I even have feeling that you do that on purpose, probably because more popular songs could give you more cash when people play them.


Also congratulations on blocking the previous thread and finally taking some steps.

After like 4 years.