Shuffle Is Only Going Through A Handful Of Songs

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I have finally signed up to Spotify premium and was excited to do the transition and reinvent how I listen and discover music. Spent a good 2 weeks building my library, with close to a 1000 songs downloaded on my phone (for offline listening), but when I shuffle the songs in my library, the same songs will start repeating after I've gone through 20 or 30 songs. This is not an issue with probabilities, I actually started skipping the tracks and finding that it was repeating the same 20/30 tracks I had already heard out of a pool of a 1000 songs. It's hard to believe a simple shuffle feature doesn't work, and it's hurting my experience. It's especially frustrating seeing that these issues have been going on for years. Is there an easy fix for this problem?

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If you're experiencing an issue with Shuffle while using Connect, there's a separate Ongoing Issue about it here. Make sure to head over there and add your vote to it.

If, however, you're experiencing an issue with Shuffle without Connect, then please check out our Spotify Answer about Shuffle issues here.





Thanks for the news!

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@Pukingpope wrote:

Spotify Connect is now finally working (at least for me)!

I guess they haven't announced it yet, as they want to see it is stable and/or working on most equipment.


6000+ playlist, iPhone / MacBook with NAD M12/M22.

This great to hear. A couple of questions:

 - How many songs were you able to play in a row (my experience was it looped after 150 songs)? 

 - Are you using shuffle or are you just sorting by name to get a pseudo random song order?

 - Are you using Chromecast to stream the music through your NAD system? If not,  how are you streaming?




I rarely play for more than a couple of hours in a row.


Spotify Connect (built-in Bluesound card in the NAD receiver)


As someone who has complained about this for quite some time (including to the CEO of Spotify), I can finally say that shuffle is finally working for me. Woo!


After some use after the fix, I get the impression the shuffle issue is not completely solved, still using shuffle on my both small and large lists now gives a completely different experience.

I still think it's not loading and shuffling the full track list. On one of my lists with 2000+ tracks I got only two tracks from Vaya Con Dios, and I noticed it played both these, and one of them a second time.

Sometimes it also plays several tracks in a row that I know is in the same part of the list (but shuffling within this part). That said, I also register it shuffles from all over the list, beginning to end, so yes - it now shuffles from the complete list, not only the first hundred tracks as up to recently.


The experience so far makes me think Spotify Connect isn't loading the complete list, but loads smaller chunks.

My guess is that there is still the issue with Connect-devices that it only can load smaller chunks, maybe just 100 tracks, like before, but that the issue has been solved with a work-around that enables Connect to reload a random chunk from the playlist. Still I think it doesn't do this between each and every track played, but that it plays a number of tracks from the chunk loaded before loading a new chunk, which is also the reason the same track might be loaded and played again within a short period.


If I'm right about this, shuffle is not delivering 100% true shuffling through Connect, but it's still working well enough that most users won't notice at all. I'm using Spotify enough on both BlueTooth, Connect and directly to be able to spot more details and differences in how shuffle behaves, still it's now shuffling is now working more than good enough for me.

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@Pukingpope wrote:

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If I'm right about this, shuffle is not delivering 100% true shuffling through Connect, but it's still working well enough that most users won't notice at all. I'm using Spotify enough on both BlueTooth, Connect and directly to be able to spot more details and differences in how shuffle behaves, still it's now shuffling is now working more than good enough for me.


After your earlier message I went back to one of my big playlists and used it exclusively (played alphabetically via Chromecast) since Thursday. As of tonight Spotify is still chugging through the playlist without a hitch and has played over 400 songs without glitching.  Just to be mean, I even stuffed a couple random songs (not in the playlist) into the Queue to see if that would cause it to glitch - nope.


Base on your experience, I will have to pick another one of my bigger playlists and give shuffle a try now. Relative to the significance of the fix that seems to have been implemented, I agree that the exceptions you are seeing are pretty minor.


Thanks again for the heads-up!


Hello, im having issues with shuffle mainly in am artists profile. I enter and click on a song or on the Green shuffle button and it starts playing lots of songs repeated. I hear one, then a different, then the dame one, a new one, the same, and so on. I dont think it happens on my PC or with a playlist, only with artists in my phone, and its REALLY annoying, as im always skipping tracks. I'll paste the info required, and a screenshot of the que if theres a way to upload it. Your device ONEPLUS 3T Device's OS OXYGEN OS Spotify version LATEST (AUTO UPDATE) Exact steps to reproduce the issue CLICK ON A TRACK OR SHUFFLE IN AN ARTISTS PROFILE Is this happening just with playlists? Albums or all? Is it only playlists with over a certain number of songs? ONLY ARTISTS PROFILES Is this happening only with certain playlists/ albums? If so can you link us here. NO, WITH ALL ARTISTS When you hit 'shuffle' does it always start with the exact same song (please give album, playlist and song links)) NO Any screenshots/ videos are always helpful I HAVE A SCREENSHOT BUT I DONT HAVE AN OPTION TO UPLOAD IT. Uf theres a way I can send you the screenshot. Any info or help would be very helpful. Thanks to all

Shuffle doesn't shuffle entire playlist


  • My device: iPhone 8 running IOS 12.3.1
  • Spotify version
  • Steps to recreate: open spotify, tap on "your library" at bottom of screen, tap on songs (or one of my lengthy playlists), hit shuffle
  • Problem only happens with playlists and when listening to my entire saved library
  • Problem only happens with playlists over a specific length. I don't know the number exactly but if I had to guess I'd say it's around 100.
  • It only happens with playlists that are longer than ~100 songs but happens with all playlists that do exceed ~100 songs.
  • When I hit shuffle it does not always start with the same song. It does however always start with a song from the beginning of the list. With my saved songs for example, if I filter the list alphabetically then hit shuffle it always starts with a song beginning with A or 0-9. If i filter the list by most recently added then I only get songs that I've recently saved.


It is worth noting that this does not happen when I listen on my Macbook through the spotify app (I haven't tried the website).


To avoid confusion you should know that within this entire explination I am talking about shuffling my entire song library that has been filtered alphabetically.

If I switch which device I'm listening on (switch through the app using the "connect to a device" feature with the little screen and speaker icon) the shuffle does, for lack of a better word, weird things. If I start a session on my mac the shuffle will be fine and contain songs starting with all letters. If I then switch to listening on my iPhone the shuffled queue will transfer over. What is weird is that if I unshuffle that queue it reverts to an order with a pattern that I can't identify, I know for sure that it is not alphabetical though. If I then press shuffle again (the shuffle icon at the bootom left of the queue page), it seems as though it just re-shuffles the same list of songs from the original shuffle done on my mac, instead of creating a new queue based on the entire playlist.


Even weirder, if I start a session on my mac, switch over to my iPhone and quit spotify on my mac, and then on my phone hit the green shuffle button to re-shuffle my library, the resulting shuffled queue is actually shuffled and contains songs starting with all letters. If I press it again it shuffles fine still, as if the problem is gone. It does eventually go back to only shuffling the beginning of the playlist, though I can't figure out what triggers it back into its old terrible ways. If I do it again (start on my mac and transfer) the same thing happens, I get a decent shuffle for a while and then eventually it goes back to not working. 

     I tried a couple things to see if I could figure out what triggered it but nothing I tried worked.  Here's what I tried:

  • Restarting the spotify application by closing it via multitasking and re-opening it
  • Just hitting the green shuffle button over and over
  • Going to a different playlist shuffling that one and then going back to my song library and hitting the green shuffle
  • Reshuffling by tapping one of the first songs listed and then shuffling by pressing the shuffle icon next the the play/pause button


Thank you and sorry if my writing and explinations are confusing, I'll try to respond to replies if clarification is needed.


  • iphone 6s
  •  12.3.5
  • 8.5.7
  • shuffle my saved songs playlist 
  • my saved songs only (2100 songs)
  • If i organise it by title of the song and press shuffle it only shuffles the songs with titles starting with numbers, A’s and B’



Casual Listener
  • Your device : Huawei P20 Pro, CLT-L29
  • Device's OS: Android 9, EMUI 9.0.0
  • Spotify version:
  • Exact steps to reproduce the issue: Just press shuffle 
  • Is this happening just with playlists? Albums or all?: For the moment I tested it only with the Liked songs
  • Is it only playlists with over a certain number of songs?: 500 songs, and only plays a few
  • When you hit 'shuffle' does it always start with the exact same song (please give album, playlist and song links)): It doesn't. If you look at the songs, their order is mostly randomized, but there's only a subset of the entire playlist that's always being played

So the existing shuffle takes only a few songs from the playlist and really shuffles them. A lot of the songs are never being played, even though I use shuffle a lot.