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Shuffle Is Only Going Through A Handful Of Songs

Hello, everyone!


I have finally signed up to Spotify premium and was excited to do the transition and reinvent how I listen and discover music. Spent a good 2 weeks building my library, with close to a 1000 songs downloaded on my phone (for offline listening), but when I shuffle the songs in my library, the same songs will start repeating after I've gone through 20 or 30 songs. This is not an issue with probabilities, I actually started skipping the tracks and finding that it was repeating the same 20/30 tracks I had already heard out of a pool of a 1000 songs. It's hard to believe a simple shuffle feature doesn't work, and it's hurting my experience. It's especially frustrating seeing that these issues have been going on for years. Is there an easy fix for this problem?

Hey folks,


If you're experiencing an issue with Shuffle while using Connect, there's a separate Ongoing Issue about it here. Make sure to head over there and add your vote to it.

If, however, you're experiencing an issue with Shuffle without Connect, then please check out our Spotify Answer about Shuffle issues here.



Spotify doesn't care
I've got now the free subscription and using YouTube to music 🎶


@Javierbai'd do that too, but the youtube music app is even worse from my experience





Cancelled and moving to google music - least they have a working shuffle. Blows the mind how much these people have admins gas light the community with "TELL US UR SPECS" like that matters.