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Shuffle Not Working - Spotify Connect with Sonos

I have a playlist of over 9,000 songs. If I play the list on my PC (Windows 10, Spotify version the shuffle seems to work correctly. If I set playback to my Sonos speakers using Spotify Connect the queue changes such that it's only playing songs from a few artists in the shuffle. Please see attached screen shots, one from playing on the local PC and one from playing on Sonos.


Hi all,


We've passed this on to the right team and it's in their timeline for fixing. We'll close this for now as they don't need any other info from users.


There's no exact timeline available for a fix, but we'd recommend you keep an eye out for updates to the app. We'll always work to fix issues like this in app updates.




Yes, the behavior is still broken.


I am having the same problem. It chooses like 3 artists to play from. My playlist has over 20,000 songs - this is not a coincidence.


After the update from today the shuffle pattern changed:

1. If you click 'play' in any playlist it will start shuffeling with the top (0 t/m c) artists.

2. If you click on a song in the middle of the playlist, it starts shuffeling 4/5 artists within that range, after 1/2 songs it jumps back to the 0 t/m c artist list.


Shuffle is broken for me too when using Spotify Connect to my Sonos speaker. It only plays from a small selection of tracks


Spotify team this is still a problem with my Sonos players. It's to the point where I have to use Pandora when I want to play something other than my Discover Weekly or Release Radar playlists. Please work with Sonos to get this fixed, the ability to shuffle a big play list is the one main reason I use Spotify.


I have the same problem. Is there an ETA or work around?


FYI: this exact thing is happening to me across all Spotify apps and accounts that use connect, on iOS and Mac

ios version 

mac version


any idea what it is or when there will be a fix out? Sonos support are completely dumbfounded 


P.s shuffling on the sonos app itself works perfectly, so it's a good workaround (although annoying)


Update: just spoken with sonos, this has now been escalated to their engineering teams who will also get in touch with Spotify. updates to come next week.


Why are you closing an issue that is not solved?