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Shuffle Play on playlists still sucks

Device: LG G4


Operating System Version: Android


Spotify Version:


Description: Shuffle Play on playlists keeps repeating same group of songs, to where I am never able to hear more than 75% of songs on playlists keeps it keeps playing the same songs. 


To reproduce:

  1. Step 1: Turn on shuffle play on a playlist
  2. Step 2: When Spotify is closed or shuffle play is selected again, the same group of songs repeat.

Workaround: Never close down your Spotify app maybe??????????????????????



Additional information: Let me start off by saying that I have been a spotify premium member for almost a year now, and I have really been enjoying it. It wasn't too long ago (about 5 months ago) that i started making my own playlists. Although, I started noticing that the same 10-15 songs would keep playing whenever I would use the shuffle play option on my 350 song playlist. I would never be able to hear more than 75% on my playlist because the same group of songs keep playing. I know that this happens because I either close down spotify on my phone or I select shuffle play again, hence starting it over. I understand that when you start the shuffle play over again, there may be some songs that repeat. But the rate at which the songs are repeating are just flat out utterly ridicolous. There is obviously something wrong with the shuffle programming on this app. I have done my research, and have seen that many people have experienced this issue AS FAR BACK AS 2012. 2012??????????????? Really, Spotify????????????????? This problem has not been fixed for almost 4 years now??????????? 

I have seriously considered switching to another music provider, but I feel like that nothing is better than spotify and its services. But this problem is a huge issue that is hurting the app. I just want to be able to hear a huge variety of songs on a 350 song playlist by using a shuffle option. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR??????????

Can someone please tell me the right channel and way to get this communicated to the right people so that this problem can be solved???? This community and thread seem to be the only way I can let my voice be heard. Unfortunately, I am not sure that this method will help things any. 




Hi there!

Thanks for bringing this up to out attention. We’d love to hear your feedback here:

Rest assured we'll pass it on to the right team.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Status changed to: Not An Issue


Hi there!

Thanks for bringing this up to out attention. We’d love to hear your feedback here:

Rest assured we'll pass it on to the right team.

Let us know if you have any other questions.


Not an issue. That is an issue. People have been complaining about shuffle in Spotify for YEARS. Inability to fix something is the reason I'm keeping my Google Play sub once this 3 month trial expires. Shuffle issues is the reason I left the first time.


Premium user for nearly 3 years. THIS is my only complaint with Spotify. Fix this already! It's absurd that for more years than I've been using it, people have been complaining about this.


I agree. Shuffle sucks so bad. If you click the first song in the playlist and set it to shuffle I swear it plays the same songs every time. At least generate a new random seed every time? It's probably the worst shuffle I've seen.


It's a shame you guys don't see this as an issue. Maybe after my student discount runs out, I'll switch to some other service that actually cares.


It is absolutely an issue, and it is beyond pathetic that it is still an issue. I've been a Spotify Premium member for several years and this is making me want to switch to another service.


It is by far the worst shuffle that I've ever encountered! Made a playlist with my wife with one half her songs and one half mine. When we play it on shuffle it always just plays her songs first and then mine. Ridiculous!

Anyway, that's it for me. This, and the fact that Spotify doesn't even have an equaliser, made me just cancel my premium subscription.

Btw, nice job with the link there, Spotify team. *shaking head*


Your shuffle sucks so hard I actually cancelled my plan. Rdio did it right.

Everytime i brought this to your attention i'm told the shuffle has been improved. Sorry it hasn't. The same 20-100 songs repeat over and over again.

My library has thousands of songs, and you are basically preventing me from enjoying and discovering any of it.



I am considering canceling my plan after I do a bit of research as to a better option because the shuffle play is terrible!!!


The only reason I keep using Spotify is I'm too lazy to start a new collection; I have 8000+ songs. But after seeing this has been an issue for so long, I'm seriously starting to consider looking for other options. Please fix it.


I'm no programmer, but it can't be that hard. My WinAmp with 15000+ songs used to do an amazing job. Over 10 years ago. Unfortunately due to all the traveling I've been doing, I need a streaming service...




this is still an issue. please fix it! I have a christmas playlist with close to 600 songs, but I keep hearing the same 30-40 songs over and over. if this cannot be fixed, I will be asking for a refund and cancelling my subscription.