Shuffle broken - takes 2 clicks to shuffle

Status: Closed

For the past three updates your shuffle option has been broken. You must click Playback >> Shuffle two times in order for the Shuffle to stick!


I just updated this morning to version and the same issue persists. For large playlists this is our preferred method of listening. Having to click twice to get this to work is problematic, cumbersome, and totally unnecessary.

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Hey @user-removed


I'm unable to reproduce this on both an OSX and Windows PC. Which OS are you using with Spotify? Have you tried a reinstall to see if that helps?

Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit


Do I need to reinstall after this mornings update?


This has been happening on the last 2-3 updates. I believe all were under Windows 10.

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Hello @user-removed,


If the issue persists, feel free to open new thread in Ongoing issues.

I am going to close this one.