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Shuffle not really shuffling

I have a playlist with over 1,000 songs that I always listen to in the "shuffle" mode.  The problem is that I keep hearing the same songs repeat mulitple times in a listening session.  I'm not sure why this is and I do not have the desire to edit the queue everytime I listen to my music, so is this being addressed?  I did see in a post that the shuffle algorithm was being updated, but with over 1,000 songs I'd think the likelihood of a repeat would be extremely rare.  With that said, there are some songs that I've never heard except for when they were first added to the playlist.


this function is very bad.

it simply does not work.

you can test it by yourselves.

i don't understand how this is possible.



you play shuffle, playlist ordered by name: you listen just to songs starting by A-B

playlist ordere by last added, you just listen to latest songs

playlist ordered by artist, you just listen to song from artist A-B


very bad,,,,,,,,,,

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Hey! Welcome to our Community.


Could you let us know what device, operating system and Spotify version you're using? Also, did this started happening after a specific update or event?


We'll see what we can suggest. 




Thank you for the welcome.  


I use the Spotify app on my iPhone 6s+, Spotify on my MacBook Pro, or I will play Spotify through Sonos - using the Sonos app.  Everything is updated to the latest versions of iOS, mac OS Sierra, and the Sonos app.


I just made this particular playlist about 2 weeks ago, and I noticed it from the first time I listened to it.

I use spotify on android and on a windows computer.
same problem about shuffle.

am I the first to notice this?


One other thing that I've noticed is that certain artists have a tendency to play more than others.  For example, out of 1,145 songs I might have several hundred different artists, some of which have only 1 or 2 songs on the playlist, but I have 10 or so songs by Bob Marley and I usually hear Bob Marley 2-3 times out of every 25 songs. I would think with this large of a playlist and this diverse of an artist mix, that songs and artists would rarely repeat.


I only listen in shuffle mode, so there hasn't been any queue setup by me.


Thanks for the info, @smarris and @teollo!


We’ve recently made some improvements to our shuffle algorithm. We’d love to hear your feedback here.


Let us know if you have more doubts 🙂 


Zullly, when did you make the improvements?  If they were prior to my post above, then the issue is still there.  If they have been since my post, then I will give it a listen and see how it goes.


I have a playlist of1600 songs and the same thing happens? Not sure why but it pretty much plays20 songs then it will repeat the same20again in the same order. I'm on a chromebook and an LG aristo cell phone


Thanks for letting us know, @19punkrock76 and @smarris!


We appreciate your feedback. We’re always testing things in order to improve & we'll pass on your thoughts to the right team. 


Give us a shout if you need more assistance 🙂 

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