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Samsung Galaxy S8

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Android 8


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I usually listen to music by going to 'Songs' and click shuffle or just play button. This usually means that some random song starts playing and when it ends, another random song starts playing. 

However, now as soon as the first song ends, the shuffle function automatically turns itself off and the next song all of the songs saved in the 'Songs' section starts playing. What is even odder is that the second song that gets to play is not the next song in the 'Songs' section but the first one (the last one I added). 


I also tried to figure out whether only my Android app is broken or also other devices. Both my MacBooks are working correctly. What doesn't work is if I share my music stream via Spotify connect with an external speaker, then open Spotify on computer and click next song - Shuffle is ON but it doesn't work - it seems like the fact that shuffle is ON on my mac's Spotify app doesn't affect the stream coming from my phone. When I turn the shuffle off and on again, the shuffle functionality works again correctly. 


At this point, I think that shuffle in my Android app is somehow broken but I haven't tested a clean install because I want to avoid re-downloading 21Gb of my offline songs. 

Hey everyone,


Thank you for your patience. The right team has made some changes backstage and the issue should now be resolved. Just make sure to have your app up-to-date, and reinstall the app if necessary.


If you're still experiencing this, we'd absolutely want to know. 


If you are experiencing the issue that Spotify only shuffles the first 100 songs, please head over to this topic.


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Gonna cancel my subscription and switch to another music streaming service if this isn't fixed by Wednesday...

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One month, 15 euro and three updates later... Problem is still not solved


I posted the below in 2015, referencing a thread dating back to 2012. Needless to say Spotify has no intention of solving the problem with shuffle.


“I just registered on the forum to bring light on this topic. I was surprised to find a three year old thread about it and the problem still not solved! How hard can it be to implement true randomized playing? With the shuffle function Spotify will play the selected tracks in exact the same order each time. That sucks. Come on Spotify, you are taking the company to the stock exchange but not listening to your customers. Not a good combination I'd say.


edit: okay, I was a bit categoric here. You actually do listen to your customers. I found a blog post about the shuffle function where it seems Spotify tried to accommodate to user requests for a better shuffle play function. Still, shuffle play in Spotify is no good since the same songs repeat every time I listen and are played in the same order. It's like Spotify takes all the songs in the playlist, calculates a playing order and comes up with the same result each time. Yes, there are songs in my playlists I've basically never heard since adding them years ago. Other songs come up every day. Please try to look at it again. Test the new solution with a group of critics, then release it.”


Back to 2018 again: using Spotify Connect in my brand new Marantz SR7013 receiver shuffle doesn’t work AT ALL. First song is random, then the playlist is back to normal. 


Same problem. This started about 3 weeks ago. The problem is definitely related to Connect, because shuffle play on the phone (Android ) works ok. Once I active my BluOS player though, within a few seconds the playlist is modified, so that the next song is the first song on my playlist ('All songs') and the rest is simply the unshuffled playlist. If I then switch back to playback on the phone, the list is randomized again. If I then switch back to my BluOS player, again within a few secons the playlist is un-shuffled and I'm hearing the very first song on my playlist again.

I tried reinstalling both Spotify and the BluOS app, but this didn't help.

I also tried creating a new playlist but then I have the problem that only the first 100 items or so are shuffled. Sigh.

Please fix this quickly, because Spotify without shuffle is completety useless.


Android 6.0.1 - Spotify - BluOS 3.2.0


It's insane that they completely broke a key feature of their platform (Connect, the only thing that keeps me on Spotify) and can't be arsed to fix it after a month of it being first reported.


But of course, unnecessary UI changes and a completely flawed recapitulation of what you listened to this year, are more important...


Only sad thing is that I've got a three month subscription gifted for St. Nicholas Day.


 @ Guido

Those will not solfe the problem.

Spotify Connect is the problem:



Hello, I am using the Spotify mobile app for Android (8.0.0). I have a Premium subscription. After a recent update, a few weeks ago, I have problems with the shuffle function.  I have seen older articles on this is issue that say to clear the play cue and I have tried that and it didn't work. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Spotify app and data. When playing a playlist in shuffle mode, it keeps returning to the first song on the playlist. I am using the connect function - (Wi-Fi - to my Bose sound system).


The problem may even be worse, because I've also seen the problem with normal (non-shuffle) playback. I manually picked a random song from my playlist and played it, while shuffle-play was disabled. Again the subsequently queued song became the first song on the playlist.

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Today would be a good day for Spotify to fix this issue.


Shuffle doesn't work when using spotify connect (Marantz M-CR611).  Spotify always jumps to the first track of the playlist when shuffling.  Fix this asap please!