Shuffle turns off automatically after the first song

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Samsung Galaxy S8

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Android 8


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I usually listen to music by going to 'Songs' and click shuffle or just play button. This usually means that some random song starts playing and when it ends, another random song starts playing. 

However, now as soon as the first song ends, the shuffle function automatically turns itself off and the next song all of the songs saved in the 'Songs' section starts playing. What is even odder is that the second song that gets to play is not the next song in the 'Songs' section but the first one (the last one I added). 


I also tried to figure out whether only my Android app is broken or also other devices. Both my MacBooks are working correctly. What doesn't work is if I share my music stream via Spotify connect with an external speaker, then open Spotify on computer and click next song - Shuffle is ON but it doesn't work - it seems like the fact that shuffle is ON on my mac's Spotify app doesn't affect the stream coming from my phone. When I turn the shuffle off and on again, the shuffle functionality works again correctly. 


At this point, I think that shuffle in my Android app is somehow broken but I haven't tested a clean install because I want to avoid re-downloading 21Gb of my offline songs. 

Hey everyone,


Thank you for your patience. The right team has made some changes backstage and the issue should now be resolved. Just make sure to have your app up-to-date, and reinstall the app if necessary.


If you're still experiencing this, we'd absolutely want to know. 


If you are experiencing the issue that Spotify only shuffles the first 100 songs, please head over to this topic.



Hi, thanks for posting about this.


I just happened to notice this strange behavior on my devices as well. I'm also using a Galaxy S8. I tried a few different scenarios, and it seems that shuffle is working well between the phone and my Windows 10 computer, but shuffling from the Android phone to the Connect speaker is definitely not working. I force quit the app on my phone and tried shuffling from the computer to the speaker, and that seemed to work, except that it always starts playing from the first song on the playlist (based on my current sort order), and only seems to play from within the first 100 songs on the list now; somewhat related to this issue, as my understanding is that Connect can't queue more than 100 songs, so this causes a lot of problems with large playlists when the selection limits itself to 100 sequential tracks and doesn't actually shuffle from the entire playlist when choosing the songs for the queue.


From my experiences, I'd say the problem for me is most pronounced when using an Android device as the remote for the Connect enabled speaker, but it seems to be pretty buggy when using a PC as the remote too, so I'd venture a guess that the main issue would be with the Connect feature in the speakers and not so much the devices that are controlling them.


Anyway, that was my own experience trying to debug this a bit, and I'd say at this point I don't really think a clean reinstall will be necessary for you. I've also moved this post to Ongoing Issues so it will be easier for the Spotify team to see as well as allowing other users encountering the same issue to post feedback.

Status changed to: Need more info

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Spotify Connect is showing strange behaviour for me... It first appeared about a week ago.

I am using Spotify Connect on a daily basis to listen to music over my living room speakers. Most of the time I'm playing a playlist of about 1000 songs on shuffle. This was working like a charm for the last two years.

Now I experience the following behaviour: I start the playlist on shuffle from my phone or my PC (likewise always patched and updated). But after the first song Spotify either starts the playlist alphabetically from the top or continues alphabetically from the current song. So shuffle is effectively turned off. When i view the "next up" queue in the App, the songs appear randomized at first but switch to either the start of the playlist or the songs in alphabetical order starting with the song playing at the moment.

When I toggle the shuffle button off and on again, the songs randomize again only to revert back in order after a few seconds. It seems like the Spotify server reverts my settings back to a baseline setting or something like that.

My Spotify Connect device is a Denon AVR X-1200W receiver.

The receiver is on the newest firmware, too and there have been no updates for the last months.


When I'm not using Spotify Connect (local playback, bluetooth etc.), shuffle is working like it should.

So my workaround for the time being is using bluetooth to connect to the receiver, but since I have to keep my PC running or the battery from my phone being drained, that's far from ideal.


Did Spotify change something on their backend of Connect which could lead to this bug?


Oh, I'm  a Spotify Premium user of course.



Addendum: I orginally planned on posting info like my phone OS and model, in case this helps in identifying the bug. 

But it seems this community software has a bonkers identification of "forbidden" words, so I had to delete this info to be allowed to post.



Spotify: (the latest available at the store). The store msg says 'Last updated Nov 8, 2018', which is roughly when this issue started.
OS and device: Samsung Galaxy S8, G950FXXU4CRI9, Android 8.0.0 

Edit: I don't seem to experience this issue anymore. Will update this post if I can emulate it again. 


Just double checked, and the desktop behavior is still exactly the same as yesterday.  Android now seems to have changed somewhat, but it's still not functioning quite correctly. Here is all the relevant information for my various devices, always with the Connect speaker being the most problematic device for me, however, it appears shuffle as it relates to Connect has significantly changed and this is turning out to be kind of a multifaceted issue.


Connect Enabled Speaker: Samsung Shape M5


Device 1: HP Envy Laptop, Windows 10 Home version 1803, Spotify


Device 2: Surface Pro, Windows 10 Pro version 1803, Spotify (Windows Store Version)


Device 3: Samsung Galaxy S8, Android version 8.0.0, Spotify


 In the case of Windows, when I start a playlist with the green play button, and shuffle activated, the Connect speaker will always start from the most recent song on my playlist and turn shuffle off. It turns out this is not affected by my sort order. I can then successfully turn shuffle back on, but it will only shuffle from this portion of the playlist...basically, it's as if it is shuffling from whatever was initially queued by the system rather than initiating a fresh shuffle.


When starting from Android, using the green shuffle play button, I tried shuffling a few times, and the shuffle button is no longer being toggled off; however, it is still only pulling selections from the most recent 100 tracks of the playlist, just like on desktop. After these few tests, I've noticed that now it has reverted again to the behavior from yesterday of playing tracks sequentially, even though the shuffle icon is still on. It appears that it reverts to sequential ordering if I start the shuffle while the desktop app happens to be open at the same time, and then if the desktop is closed and I start a shuffle from Android, I get the alternate behavior where it only pulls from those most recent 100 tracks but does shuffle them.


Finally, if I shuffle between Android and Windows, I can successfully shuffle, but it's exhibiting the same behavior of only pulling from the most recent 100 tracks on the playlist. Please note, this not the issue where only 100 tracks will be queued if using Connect, as in that case it still would normally select 100 random tracks from throughout the playlist, whereas now it's literally only choosing songs that were recently added.


Anyway, apologies if the secondary issue with it shuffling only a small portion of the playlist muddies the waters at all. Just something that I came across in connection to testing the issue with enabling and disabling the shuffle function.


Hi, thanks for sharing your post! I'd recommend leaving some feedback and voting on this here, as there are some potential Connect shuffle related issues being raised to the Spotify team, and you should be able to add your device information as well. All feedback on that post will be very useful to the people looking into it.


Device 1: Linux PC, Arch Linux, Kernel 4.19.2, Spotify


Also an Android Phone, but I can't post it because "it's not permitted in this community".


Connect Device: MEDION internet radio (MEDION LIFE P85035), Spotify 1.18.0


I have the same problem with my teufel and raumfeld speakers



Hey @el_barto and @Nicalada,


Thanks for getting in touch!


Could you make sure your receiver has the newest firmware? You can also try to do a quick reinstallation. You can read here how.


We noticed it can help to make shuffle more randomized, if every time you choose a different random song to start your shuffle session with.


If you notice that Shuffle only shuffles the same selection of songs, take a look at this Ongoing Issue which is currently under investigation. Your contribution can help us come up with a fix.


Hope it works! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.