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I usually listen to music by going to 'Songs' and click shuffle or just play button. This usually means that some random song starts playing and when it ends, another random song starts playing. 

However, now as soon as the first song ends, the shuffle function automatically turns itself off and the next song all of the songs saved in the 'Songs' section starts playing. What is even odder is that the second song that gets to play is not the next song in the 'Songs' section but the first one (the last one I added). 


I also tried to figure out whether only my Android app is broken or also other devices. Both my MacBooks are working correctly. What doesn't work is if I share my music stream via Spotify connect with an external speaker, then open Spotify on computer and click next song - Shuffle is ON but it doesn't work - it seems like the fact that shuffle is ON on my mac's Spotify app doesn't affect the stream coming from my phone. When I turn the shuffle off and on again, the shuffle functionality works again correctly. 


At this point, I think that shuffle in my Android app is somehow broken but I haven't tested a clean install because I want to avoid re-downloading 21Gb of my offline songs. 

Hey everyone,


Thank you for your patience. The right team has made some changes backstage and the issue should now be resolved. Just make sure to have your app up-to-date, and reinstall the app if necessary.


If you're still experiencing this, we'd absolutely want to know. 


If you are experiencing the issue that Spotify only shuffles the first 100 songs, please head over to this topic.



Same problem. Only started occuring recently. Cannot get playlist to shuffle with Spotify Connect on Samsung M7 speakers.


Macbook with OSX High Sierra. Spotify

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Yup same issue for me! 

Connected devices affected: Denon X1200 current firmware and FireTV Stick 2nd Gen with current Spotify version. Controlling with Spotify for iOS current version. 


I have this problem as well, and it seems to be getting worse, not better.  I have read through a number of message board posts, and all of them seem to end with Spotify reps either ignoring it or claiming it is a different issue, which it certainly is not.


I understand that randomizing something will inevitably lead to identifying patterns--people claiming shuffle is not "random" (because they hear the same songs regularly or it seems to favor popular artists) is NOT what is happening here.


I was an early adopter of Spotify and have been a premium member for years, but i am strongly considering cancelling my membership and taking my meager influence elsewhere, as the app no longer fits my style of listening (dumping a bunch of songs I want to listen to in the future into a saved playlist and then listening on shuffle later).


I have used Spotify as an app on my iphone, ipad, and MacBook, as well as on Amazon Fire Cube.  I also usually listen through an alexa speaker or via CarPlay.  With every single one of these platforms, including the web player, the same behavior arises.  Using shuffle while connected to any speaker causes the shuffle playlist to populate only the first 100 songs or so, out of the 3000+ in the playlist.  If I manually choose a track from lower down in the playlist, the same behavior occurs, only instead of the first 100 songs, it's whatever 100 songs are around that song in the main playlist. This is true regardless of how the songs are ordered--it will play the most recently added songs sorted that way, or the first songs alphabetically sorted that way. There is zero chance this is an accident or can be explained away by the odds of randomization. II am happy to provide screenshots or video to support my claims.  


I would be very appreciative for someone at Spotify to at least acknowledge this is a problem they are aware of.  I obviously hope they will fix it, but it seems like, from the other message boards I have checked off an on since the problem started months ago, that Spotify's main attitude towards this issue is either ignoring or Gaslighting.  I'm sure they don't need my measly membership dollars, but it would be nice for the problem to at least acknowledged by a company I've supported for so long. 

Status changed to: Need more info

Hey folks,


Thanks for raising this with us.


It seems that a number of you are experiencing a variety of related issues.


The original issue, reported by @mrtn2, is that the shuffle function turns off automatically after playing one song when using Connect. 


If you're experiencing the issue described above, could you please leave the following info here:

  • OS version and device
  • Spotify version?

If, however, your issue is that Spotify only shuffles the first 100 songs when using Connect, please head over to this thread here.



Hey @Topfverecords.


Thanks for providing that detailed feedback.


This is indeed something that Spotify are aware of: an idea was created about this a while ago (here), however it is marked as Not Right Now. Do keep an eye on that thread for any updates on the matter.


Hope that answers your question! Let us know if there's anything else you would like to know - we'll be right here.

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For me, the issue now appears to be resolved on Android, but it is still occurring when starting a playlist from the desktop software to a Connect speaker.


Connect Enabled Speaker: Samsung Shape M5


Computer: HP Envy Laptop, Windows 10 Home version 1803, Spotify


Still the same situation where when I first start the playlist it automatically goes to the first track and disables shuffle, which then has to be manually re-enabled.



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And of course after I said Android was working, I started having problems again. Now what is happening is that the shuffle icon is staying activated, but it is still reverting to playing the tracks sequentially. I've discovered this only seems to be happening on larger playlists. It works perfectly at the moment if the playlist is shorter than 100 tracks and sometimes if it's a little more. It's not handling my playlists with 2,000 plus tracks well at all, as I'm completely unable to make shuffle function correctly with them over Connect from Android to the speaker. Not sure of the exact number that is breaking it though. 


Here is my Android device again with the updated Spotify version: Samsung Galaxy S8, Android version 8.0.0, Spotify


Hey there @mrtn2,


Just to confirm, was the issue fixed for you? If so, let us know.


On another note, we can see that there's a newer version of the Android app available. If the issue persists, we'd suggest making sure you've updated to the latest version and let us know in a comment below :)


@givememoar@petero3@alphabetod, so we can get this reported to the right folks, could you confirm if you're experiencing the same issue as @mrtn2the shuffle function turns off automatically after playing one song when using Connect?


We'll be keeping an eye for your replies, thanks!


Yes, the issue persists.


I'm on OSX Spotify playing through Spotify Connect Samsung speakers. On the Spotify app (on the macbook), I choose a playlist, click Shuffle (so it is green), then click the playlist Play button. Shuffle is immediately turned off & the first song in the list is played and the queue follows the sequence, which is based on the Sort at the time (eg Title, Artist, Album). It is impossible to get a playlist to play shuffled. It always to used to work fine.


If playing on This Computer, the shuffle also works ok, and the queue is random. Switching to the Connect device keeps playing that randomly selected song, but the rest of the queue is back to the playlist sequence.

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Issue is still perstisting for me. Shuffle turns automatically off after 1 or 2 songs. No matter whether I start the playlist using "Shuffle" button or turn on shuffle on playback. It will generate a shuffled list, start playing it but after one or two songs it will just start the list from the top over.


Furthermore, any songs added to the queue will be played twice in a row and after that the "shuffled" playlist will start over with the first song in the list. 

I am not using Android, got the issue on Spotify iOS Think I first encountered this about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks ago.


Edit: Just to clarify: The issue only occurs when using Spotify on connected devices. Local playback is working fine.