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Simple UI and Warning Fix

I have Spotify premium and have downloaded my songs to my phone. Thank you for that option, however, why not add a warning pop-up when one accidentally turns off the download option. This has lost all my offline songs when I am in a remote area with no wifi (sadly can't use Data). Also, why not add the filter bar to float at the top of songs and playlists instead of the shuffle play button. Please fix this Spotify. Easy fixes. Thank you for what you've guys done!!!! Hope this issue can be fixed

Hi @Hatergenerator3, nice notice there about the un/download warning! Voted for it. 

Not sure if Issue or Idea? ; ) About the search bar, its nice vision too, I`m not much sure about that to remove completly the shuffle button, but there could be added a little button with search icon. : )

Status changed to: Not An Issue

Hey @Hatergenerator3! Thanks for coming to the community!


Sounds like a great idea! Spotify loves hearing all your feedback. You can submit your ideas here, at the Ideas Exchange. Let me know if anything else pops up!


Happy holidays! 🙂

Status changed to: Not An Issue

Thank you guys!!! I made an idea:

Not sure if I should delete this one or redirect to ideas. Thank you anyways!!!!


Hey @Hatergenerator3!


I'll take care of this one! Let me know if you have any other questions.


Happy holidays! 🙂