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Since last update Spotify keeps disconnecting from Chromecast






Sony XZ2 Compact

Operating System

Android 9


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 Since latest updates streaming to chromecasts have stopped working from the Android phone, it plays a song, then 30-40s into the next one it disconnects.
It can be resolved by having the desktop client running on a machine in the network and you utilize the phone app purely as a remote. But on its own its not capable of keeping the connection running anymore.

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If you’re still experiencing this issue, can you make a new thread in the relevant board? We'll get back to you there.



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It sounds like there is a more stable connection between your computer and the Chromecast. Could you make sure your Chromecast and mobile device are connected to the same (preferably 2.4 Ghz) WiFi network? 2.4 has better range over 5 Ghz. Try having your router, mobile device and Chromecast in the same room and see if this helps. That way we will know if it's indeed due to a poor connection.


A reinstallation can always help as well. You can read here how.


Hope it helps. Let us know if you have further questions.


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Yeap all that is the first thing i tried.. I have a ubiquiti enterprise wifi in my house, its one node in each ceiling all acting as one big 2.4/5Ghz network. I have more or less "max" wifi signal everywhere and a couple of meter outside my house on the yard.

The computer is wired into the network so it doesnt use wifi at all. Which means it can't start chromecasting on it's own as for some stupid reason the desktop apps can't see the chromecast devices on the wifi part of the same network.. No clue why this isolation is made in the first place.

Which means i never turn off spotify desktop and just use my mobile phone for starting the stream.
As client in a chromecast scenario hands over" the stream to chromecast device thru url that is tokenized and not streaming directly from the client device. Its more than likely its an interaction error from the mobile app that "takes back" the playback rather than a connection error.

And for some reason the desktop counteracts this.. (guess what i'm working with on a day to day basis).. 😛


Hey @neotech.


Thanks for getting back to us, and apologies for the late reply!


Just wanted to see if you managed to resolve your issue since your last post.


If you're still experiencing it, could you confirm that you've tried the following troubleshooting steps:

Let us know if that makes any difference for you. If not, could you please get back to us with the following:

  • exact Spotify version
  • device + OS version?

Also, just wanted to confirm with you that it's not possible to connect to Chromecast via the desktop app, so this is expected behaviour.


Thanks! We'll be looking out for your reply.


Its intermittent problem but yes it still happening off and on. Funny thing it can also do the reverse. Spotify client is running, usually both on desktop and mobile device, and all of the sudden it starts playing.. Its fun when it does that like 3 in the morning.. Rude awakening. 😄
Solution; kill the app on mobile and it stops misbehaving.

I dont have 3G/4G out here where i live (no coverage) its why i use my Wifi that is connected to the Fiber uplink.

I do have tried reinstall the spotify client, clean cache and all that a couple of times. It doesnt really solve the problem. I the other 2 accounts in the house has the same issue and not only here at home but also at the office. Works well to other streaming devices like the PS4 (which i guess is the full player and the mobile app is just a remote for it).

The problem is specific to Chromecasts i found, the old version 1, 4K version and the Chromecast Audio - all suffers from the same issue.

PS4 works fine, LG SmartOS tv works as well (dont know if its even official support)


And to be completely honest i tried to debug it for 1.5 weeks and found that keeping the app turned off on the mobile phone by going into Apps and force stop it is usually the best solutions for avoiding streaming issues and sudden streaaming starts.


Spotify v.
Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact , 9 (Build 47.2.A.4.45) + 1 Dec 2018 Security patch


Hey @neotech.


Thanks for providing us with the requested information, and apologies for the late reply.


Before we continue to troubleshoot this issue, would you mind updating to the latest version of the Spotify app for Android and seeing if that fixes the issue for you?


Let us know how you get on - we'll be here to help you out further should you need it.


Did not sort the problem. It keeps happening. Now it also keeps happening with the desktop client as "backup" running on the main computer in the network.

Streaming from any other audio app that supports chrome works fine. Piping the audio outpput to a chromecast streaming app works fine as well.

Its specifically the mobile app that decides to disconnect randomly... As soon as i turn it off on the phone streaming works fine.. It literally forcefully disconnects not timing out or anything just decides it wanna play locally instead on the phone.


Hey @neotech.


Thanks for letting us know.


We've passed this info on to the right folks, who are looking into it.


We'll get back to you in this thread as soon as we have an update.


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Hey @neotech.


Thanks for letting us know about this.


We've passed your info on to the right folks, who are looking into it.


If anyone else is experiencing this issue, could you please leave the following info:

  • exact Spotify version
  • device + OS version
  • Chromecast firmware?

Also, make sure to add your vote to the thread so that we know how many users are experiencing this issue.


We'll get back to you in this thread as soon as we have an update.


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Hey @neotech - would you mind letting us know your Chromecast's firmware so that we can pass it on to our team?



version 1.37.146679