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Since last update Spotify keeps disconnecting from Chromecast






Sony XZ2 Compact

Operating System

Android 9


My Question or Issue

 Since latest updates streaming to chromecasts have stopped working from the Android phone, it plays a song, then 30-40s into the next one it disconnects.
It can be resolved by having the desktop client running on a machine in the network and you utilize the phone app purely as a remote. But on its own its not capable of keeping the connection running anymore.

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I was directed here from a moderator on this topic:

but this thread here seems to be a different problem.


exact Spotify version :

device + OS version: Windows 10 PC 1803 one seven one three four dot six four eight*

Chromecast firmware? 1.37.148642


*why tf is a Windows version number blocked as "not permitted in this community"??!!!


Same problem here, Chromecast is becoming exceptionally unreliable and keeps disconnecting, sometimes near permanently! Always get the “chirp” from the device when I ask Spotify to connect but then nothing happens. Have tried complete uninstalls and reinstalls of Google Home and Spotify, also several factory resets of Chromecast device. Also I have noticed that if the iPad volume control logo appears without prompting on the screen the Chromecast will fail.


Spotify version: 8.5

iPad Air 2, OS Version 12.2

Chromecast Firmware 1.37.146679


I look forward to a fix. Thank you.

Status changed to: Under investigation

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  • device + OS version
  • Chromecast firmware?

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apple ios version 12.2

chromecast audio version 1.39.154182



Spotify starts. I cast to chromecast audio. This works. After a few songs I try to forward to next song. Spotify says " Your account is being used on othr device"  and disconnects. This is new behaviour and is after software updates. Overall the combination spotify and chromecast audio is very buggy. After software upgrades of either spotify or chromecast it is always the question whether it will still work. Very annoying.



I am having this issue as well for the past month at least.


I play a song on Chromecast from my phone, then I go out of the app.  At first, it shows it's playing in the notification bar still, but after a minute at most it shows that it's paused all of a sudden, as if it lost the connection.  The problem is solved if I go back into the app (and usually also restart the app), but only temporarily, as when I go back out of the app again the problem is back.


It's very frustrating because I like to be able to change the volume while using other apps.


I can attach a screen recording showing what I mean if that would help. 


Please fix this.  



New bug since last update. Chromecast all of the sudden saids "Music stopped playing as your spotify account is used on a different account"

Looking in the mobile app AND the desktop app that is running in parallell to maintain the **bleep** stream in the first place.. the green bar is still there saying its streaming to the chromecast.. Looking at google home, no stream is present anymore. But disconnecting from the app gives you the same "error message" in the speaker again annd then you can reconnect and keep streaming as usual.

Has only happened 5 times so far, 2 in one day.


Same here. In my case, I cannot connect at all to any Google devices using Android app.


Device: Pixel 3XL

Android version: 9 (5th June patch)

Spotify version:


Chromecast device: several. Including Google Home.


I have tried connecting to:

- Chromecast Audio

- Chromecast TV

- Google Home





It always beeps as when the connection is ready, but it never starts playing the music. Instead, it goes back to "This phone" after a short while. Other apps can cast fine.


I've tried: fully stopping the app, restarting the phone and Chromecast devices, updating the app. None worked.


I have version armV7 and Andriod and today my playlist stops after 2-3 songs, I listen on

Google Home, is this the same fix you are working on?


Hey there @dkam and @fvbuendia,


@fvbuendia : We really appreciate these details! We've passed them on to our tech teams.


@dkam : It looks like you're using an older version of the app. We'd recommend making sure to update to the latest version by following the steps here


It's also a good idea performing a clean reinstall of Spotify by following the steps here to check if the issue persists after that. If it does, it'd be helpful adding the following details so we can pass them on to the right teams:

  • Your device and its OS version
  • The version of the Spotify app you end up after updating
  • The Chromecast firmware version



I uninstalled/reinstalled from my google home but it didnt make a
difference that day but the next day everything was working again. Right
now it has been fine for the last 2 days. I play my playlist everyday all
day long just happy its working. thanks