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Skipping songs doesn't work properly

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I can't skip songs by pressing the button on my earphones twice. I have already tried deleting the app and the thing that seems to work is logging in and out of my account but that resets after I restart my phone so now to get it to work i have to log in and out every time I turn my phone on. Iets really annoying is there a fix? I have the Huawei p7.

Hey there, @Moryseye


Thanks for all of the info you've provided here! Rest assured we've passed it along now 🙂

As the issue hasn't continued for you on your new phone, we're going to close this thread up now.

If you need us again in the future however, don't hesitate to reach out.

Take care, and have a great day.



Thanks for the update @Moryseye!


This might be related to the OS system version and the way the Bluetooth functionality is set up. If possible, try with different Bluetooth devices like speakers or receivers and let us know if the same occurs.


Keep us posted.


@FabianS_Bogota My earphones aren't Bluetooth and yeah it's definitely the OS so I might buy a new phone cause I need a new one anyway. The only thing I can think of is that the problem might be some setting on my phone or something.


Hey @Moryseye,


Thanks for all the info so far, we really appreciate your patience.


To check, what were the other devices you tested your earphones / headphones on where this did work? 


If possible, we'd also like to see a video of you attempting to skip the tracks with the Huawei device. Is there any more incorrect button configurations, or is it just the instances of pressing 3 times instead of once to skip and the inability to skip backwards?


Once we have this info, we should be able to report it to the developers.




@Jack It worked on a samsung galaxy J3 which has android 5.1.1 with my normal jbl e15 headphones, its just the skipping stuff that's the problem and video:


Hey @Moryseye!


Thanks for getting back to us.


We're really sorry for the delay, and we appreciate you providing the requested information.

Can we double-check, is this still happening, since the latest update?


If so, we'll pass this info along.


Many thanks,


Hey @Moryseye!


We haven't heard from you in a while. Are you still having issues with your Spotify app? If we don't get a reply within the next 48 hours, we'll close this thread.


Keep us posted.
Sorry I forgot, I have a new phone so I don't have the issue anymore but I'm pretty sure it still doesn't work on my old phone.

@Maria_B I'll test of my old phone still has the problem. 


@Maria_B @Melody

It still doesn't work on my old phone but like I said, I have a new phone so it doesn't bother me but maybe other people have the same problem and just don't complain.


Have a nice day, 



Hey @Moryseye!


We're glad to hear this isn't happening any longer on your new phone. However, just to confirm, is the Spotify app up to date on your old phone? Let's try reinstalling the app one last time on the old phone to make sure and test it out again.


Depending on the outcome, we'll gladly let the right team know so we can find a solution for any other users.


Keep us posted.