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Songs aren't streaming on Apple Watch

Hey folks, 


We're getting reports from Apple Watch users that songs aren't streaming. 


Stay tuned to the Status Update for more info.

Hi everyone,


Thank you for your patience and input so far.


We're setting this issue to Not Right Now as we're unable to provide an exact timeline for a fix at this moment. However, rest assured this will remain on our internal teams' radar and we'll check back in here with a new status when we have any new information to share.


In the meantime, make sure to always keep the app up to date.


Take care.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey everyone,


Apple WatchOS 9 introduces a bug that will cause Spotify streaming on the Apple Watch to stop working. We encourage Spotify Apple Watch users to not install the WatchOS 9 update until Apple implements a fix. Users already affected can instead download their content to their Apple Watch and listen offline or stream from their phones.


Thanks for understanding.


Oh god if we're waiting on Apple this might take a while. My first couple runs were a bummer because it wouldn't load after the first track when streaming via my watch when its been working fine before watchos9. Reinstalled the app on both phone and watch to no avail.


Any normal developer would update their app to fix any bugs with new versions of an operating system, if you're waiting on Apple this could take a while. Let's hope you're right. I already updated not an option to hold out for me.

I agree with ecr80.

Developers shouldn't wait for the OS publisher to "fix" what's broken. It's a bug with Spotify and therefore Spotify must find a way to fix this issue.


We can wait a very long time if they're waiting for Apple fix what's not broken for them.

If only Spotify would have beta tested WatchOS 9 and iOS 16 before they were released maybe they could have nipped this in the bud.


I already went back to Apple music so I can stream and have more than 50 songs to shuffle from.

Good news, sort of…


I installed WatchOS 9.1 Beta and the issue seems to have gone away.


The issue I had was I could get one song to stream from my watch to any Bluetooth connected device without any problem.


When the next song started playing you could watch the progress bar advance and not hear any audio. You’d have to disconnect and reconnect the Bluetooth or the device you’re listening on (or earbuds) several times to hear the song. After that song finished the who issue reappeared.


I haven’t had this issue using WatchOS 9.1 Beta and I’m in 10 songs deep. Just hope the beta doesn’t drain my battery quickly!


Try WatchOS 9.1 Beta 



This has been an issue since iOS 16 beta back in July, there's been plenty of time for this issue to be resolved before it was released


Spotify's workaround isn't working for me. I have playlists downloaded to my Apple Watch (series 7) that cut out approx. 30 seconds into the first song. So, it appears this is not just a streaming issue but an offline listening issue as well, at least with my iPhone 8 (yeah, I know it's kinda old). 


I think it's misleading for Spotify to point the finger at Apple. While it is likely caused by some Apple changes in the Watch OS or iOS, Spotify had access to the beta for a long time and should have identified the problem long ago, even if they couldn't fix it.


If what Spotify means is that they reported this problem to Apple ages ago and it was ignored, then shame on Apple. But given Spotify's inept handling of its 50 song playlist limit, I blame Spotify until I'm convinced otherwise.


Update: 9/18/2022 - It turns out that although my watch showed my downloaded playlists, they weren't really there. I think that when Spotify auto-upgraded, somehow it invalidated all of my downloaded playlists but they were still displaying as downloads on my Apple Watch. Not great because the downloading takes hours, but re-downloading them enables me to listen disconnected once again.






I have Apple Watch SE with watchOS 9.0, iPhone 11 with Spotify 
When using Spotify with mobile data on the watch, songs stream halfway and stop playing. Reinstalling the app, restarting the watch etc. does not work. 
Actually, the whole Spotify app experience on the Apple Watch has been quite underwhelming even before this update. Downloading songs does NOT work; only 40-50% of my songs, albums, playlists and podcasts would appear on the watch, streaming would random stop working midway through songs, app would hang randomly, etc. 
Hope something can be done thanks! 


Am also facing the same issue, got the more expensive series 8 cellular, paid additional monthly subscription for cellular activation, to wish to enjoy my runs without my phone with Spotify. Seriously contemplating to switch to Apple Music if this bug does not get fixed..