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My Spotify Premium on Windows Phone 10 Lumia 640 says "Sorry, there's nothing here" on browse mode. I've resintalled the app, logged out and in again several times but it keeps not working. Can anyone help me?

Thanks a lot and have a wonderful day!

Thanks for letting us know guys!


Sorry to hear it's still not working. However, you can go here for more info:


No worries, we're working closely with Microsoft to ensure the best experience on Windows platforms moving forwards.


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Since few days, the browse page is out of order with the error message "Sorry, there is nothing here".

I tried to reinstall the app twice without any results.

Country : France

Phone : Nokia Lumia 930

OS : Win 10 Mobile 10.0.14393.2007

App version :


Please fix it !

Status changed to: Need more info

Hey @1fjwxed0ehskvqu, welcome to the Community!


The Windows Phone Spotify app is under maintenance, but we'd still love to help out. How long has this been going on for? Is it happening over a mobile network or while connected to WiFi? Also, what Spotify version are you using?


We'll see what we can suggest once we have this info.

I'm using the latest official Spotify app on the Microsoft/Windows Store.
I've noticed the problem after purchase the Spotify Premium (for student), but not sure if it started after or just before the acquisition of the premium service.
I usually run Spotify over WiFi, but tried it over mobile network too, the problem still happens.
Status changed to: Need more info

Hey @nioclass, welcome to the Community!


Could you let us know for how long has this been going on? Is it happening over WiFi or 3G/4G?


If you're using a SD card, try removing the SD card and reinstalling Spotify with these steps to see if it helps.


Let us know how it goes 🙂 


I’m exactly the same, again with a Lumia on windows 10 so it must be the software in that case.

Is there any way of knowing when this could be updated? I’ve been running solely off wifi.

Ive been running off premium since I got Spotify and it seemingly use started a few weeks after I got the app (don’t know what triggered it)


Hey @1fjwxed0ehskvqu!


Do you have access to a different WiFi network you could try using? Also, does it only happen to the Browse section of the app?


In the meantime, does logging out and back in a couple of times help at all?


Keep us posted.

I tried it in several WiFi networks I have access, logged out and back in but didn't helped at all.

The problem affects only the Browse section, specifically the upper part of the screen with the album tiles, the "Top Lists" and "New Releases" items, as well as the Genres and Moods part.
The only item that actually works is the "Discover" submenu.

(Tapping Top Lists doesn't do anything and tapping New Releases goes to it's menu but keeps loading forever and nothing appears)
Good morning,

There is no SD card on a Lumia 930 and the discrepency is present wathever the network used (wifi, 3G, 4G).

Same here, Microsoft Lumia 950, Spotify App stored in device.

Happened in WiFi and cellular. In Germany, since some Days.


In an older Post the same happend:


Please restart your Servers 😉


Thanks for all the info!


Just to confirm, did this start to happen after an OS update? Also, do you have a different Windows mobile device you could use to see if it behaves the same?


Keep us posted.