Sound quality on Google Home sounds like low bitrate MP3 (Premium subscription)

Plan: Premium (Family)

Country: UK

Device: Google Home


My Question or Issue


Over the past couple of weeks the sound quality through my Google Home and Google Home Mini have been terrible. Everything sounds like really low bitrate MP3 at high compression settings. My internet connection is >20Meg and playing from Google Play on the same devices sounds great. Are there settings for this? Is it a network issue? How do I fix it?

Hey there everyone,


We really appreciate all your reports and patience so far.


We've let our tech team know, and they're investigating this.


Right now, we're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app up to date to ensure you're on the latest and best.



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Change the wifi from 2,4 to 5ghz was no solution for me - same problem. And I have no idea of what optical cable you are talking about. This issue is about google home devices and they don't have any cable.   


I've chatted and mailed with the google home support as well. The chat support pointed to the Spotify statement "We've let our tech team know, and they're investigating this." in this issue and told me that this is a Spotify problem and only Spotify can fix it.

Please Spotify - find a solution as soon as possible! Don't leave us alone with this awful sound on our Google Home devices.

Casual Listener

I have signed up to both Apple and Google play music. I am hating both of them but they sound so much better than Spotify.  It is really disappointing but I will most likely have to  settle on one of them before end of the trial month and will cancel the other one along with my spotify subscription.


Did one more search in hope of a solution in the works and found initial reports of these issues from nearly a year ago. Spotify dont appear to care about this and I just cant justify continuing to pay for a music streaming service that sounds awful when streaming.


Bad, muffled sound from Spotify on nest hub max. This seems to be going on now since early last year. Anyone knows if any update will fix this? I'm not happy. Was going to return my hub max thinking it just has bad sound. But after trying okay music I can hear it's Spotify that has issue here. 


Well I've changed the whole home from Google Home to Amazon Echo now. Sound quality much much better.


I'd advise others to do the same!


So it's now 2020, what's going on @@spotif


So it's now 2020, what's going on spotify, it doesn't take this long to implement specific music quality retrieval..
Surely there is no roadblock with Google for reasons like they don't want to change their system to do so but regardless you can do something about it..


I just put this text on a closed test.  Not easy your system, but found this Ongoing Issue....


We are now at the end of January 2020.....20 Still I have not found any answer or correction from Spotify nor Google to fix this issue.  I have been a premium member of Spotify for many years now and proud and proud of telling all my friends how nice this system is.  I understand that Google is a huge machine to deal with and apply a fix, but this is really unfortunate as each time I am using my HIFI Sound system with Spotify and have to disconnect it from my Chromecast and use my Apple TV and iPad to get the the highest sound quality - defeat the purpose and my payment.  Frustrating at best, especially that I rarely listen to music on my phone, and use my HIFI system.  Please let us know if you are at least working on this fix ?


Merci à l'avance - from Canada !

I would suggest moving to Apple Music (that's what I've done). If you have
an Android device you can Chromecast to your speakers. It's quite shocking
how much better the sound quality is.
Thank, I wish, but in fact I am getting out of Apple as soon as my iPhone dies to join the Android Community. Apple products are now surfing on their name instead of the quality of products for the price we pay !

I am hopeful that Spotify will listen to customer, but start thinking Deezer...