Spotify Amazon Echo integration fails intermittently

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Have been using this for about a week  now and it is a great idea, but frustrating when Alexa / Echo cannot "see" Spotify and vice versa.

Spotify is set as default music service.

Alexa attempts to play or resume the Spotify playlist and you are met with silence.

Viewing devices via the Spotify app shows no sign of Alexa / Echo.

There should be some way of re-discovering automatically - this is supposed to be a seamless integration after all!

[FYI my Google devices are always available on Spotify :o]

[I'll be sure to also post this observation on Amazon too in fairness to both firms]

Status changed to: Not Right Now

Hey @Philbigdog


Thanks for getting in touch with our Community. 


Just to check - were you able to resume Spotify without any issues before? Also, do you have any other issues with Echo? 


We'll see what we can suggest.

Status changed to: Not Right Now
Status changed to: Not Right Now

Any update on this?  I think I'm having the same issue. Spotify will either not play anything at all after Echo confirms my request or, when it does play music, will not recognise any of my playlists.


Thanks for your reply - the issue remains and is intermittent. My guess is device limit contention with Spotify but there are no logs or notifications tui this effect. I think this new paradigm needs a bit more thought by both forms in terms of seamless integration.


My suggestion would be "non-sentient family member" as part of Family Membership so it would not be expected to confirm anything interactively once set up.


Hi, I can confirm that I no longer see my Echo as a Spotify device at all so in effect there is no integration between Amazon and Spotify. Pretty useless really!


I am having the same problem.


I get silence every time I ask for any music. Alexa says the correct thing but then silence


Same here. Intermittent streaming and annoying silence gaps.