Spotify App crashes on iPhone using USB-Connection in the car

Status: Fixed

I use Spotify Version

on an iPhone 4S


I like to listen to spotify in the car, I do this since I got Spotify premium, so I know, it worked before. There have been no changes made with the car software, so thats noch the point.


I have a BMW without iDrive, which means, I just use Spotify by USB-connection, but the moment I plug the USB-Cable on my iPhone4S the Spotify-App freezes I cannot navigate or start music.

After a few seconds the app crashes and I have to reopen the app with the USB cable still plugged in.

When I stop the car and want to unplug the iPhone, the same happens.

After unplugging the app freezes and after a few seconds it crashes.

Really annoying when you listening to an audiobook with over 100 titels and you have to search the right titel again.


It worked before, I did this all the time, listening at home with headphones, get into the car and just listening still to the same title by just plugging the USB-cable in, but now the app crashes everytime.


What I did till now:

I did try this with a different account from a friend.

I reinstalled the app

I reseted the iPhone


Btw. with amazon prime music everything works just fine!?

That's great to hear @boardy1980


We're happ that it seems to be working for you now. As we've seen other reports of this being fixed, we'll get this issue closed off for now.


If you do spot any further issues, please feel free to create a new Ongoing Issue thread and we'll take a look.


Thanks 🙂

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey @boardy1980


Thanks for letting us know. 


Just to check - can you give it a shot using a different device? Also, did this start happening after a specific event/update? 


We'll see what we can suggest. 


Hi @Mara_F,


thanks for your reply.

Actually I cannot say after which special update this wasn't working anymore. But I think, when the new feature "mixtapes" were included, the app started crashing when I used it in my car.

I tried to retest this issue with my iPad 2, the same issue appeared.





Thanks for the extra info @boardy1980.


If possible, send us a screenshot when the app crashes to take a closer look. Have you experienced the same using an Aux cable or Bluetooth?


You can try a clean reinstall with these steps. Let us know if it makes any difference. 


Keep us posted!


Hi @FabianS_Bogota,


I took a video, in a screenshot you wouldn't see much. The app reacts like a screenshot 😉

I cannot use bluetooth in my car, AUX works so far, but I would rather use spotify with USB connection, so I can easier switch songs.


I reinstalled the app several times, thanks for that advice. I actually even reseted my iPhone, but the issue remains.


Btw. starting the app on iPhone 4 or even iPhone 6 takes forever when you are not in offline mode... please take a look at that too. It's really frustrating.


Here's the Video.
I started the app in offline mode, so it starts faster. I'm always in offline mode when I use the app in the car. So it has nothing to do with that mode.


In the video you see my steps:

- starting the app without USB cable

- starting a song -> everything works

- stop the song

- plug in USB cable

- trying (!) to start the song again

- but no touch event was handled

- just clicking on some buttons to show, nothing happens

- clicking on home button and click on the app again

-> I should have waited just a few seconds more, 'cause the app just closes after I stopped the video


Thanks for your help!


Thanks a lot for the extra info @boardy1980!


It's odd that this happens. Just to confirm, beside of the iPad 2, have you tried the same on a different device? Let us know if the same occurs when you connect the USB cable before starting the app. We'll see what else to suggest.


Keep us posted!


Hi @FabianS_Bogota,


the car needs a special (very expensive) adapter for USB connection, so I only have the chance to connect with my iPhone4 or iPad2.

I could start the app after I connect the iPhone via USB cable, this would work I guess, but as I said, I'm listening to audiobooks and as long as Spotify is not able to set a bookmark (like it works with podcasts) or save the last titel I was listening to, I won't close the app before I connect my iPhone via USB cable. It's really annoying searching for the right title when the title is as long as "Three Oaks, Episode 02: The grizzly, Titel 01", "Three Oaks, Episode 02: The grizzly, Titel 02" and so on.


I figured out that it seems to be a problem with stereo systems which reads more data from the smartphone instead of just playing music. Systems which try to read music playlists etc. I hope you know what I mean.
I could recreate the issue in a friends car (Opel Astra) and with the LG radio dockingstation. Once I put the iPhone on the station, the app freezes and crashes after a few minutes.

With a simple radio with only audio output, the app works just fine.


I hope this info helps to resolve this issue.


Thanks for letting us know that @boardy1980!


Usually this stereo systems read the metadata of the tracks to display it on screen. When using your friend's car, did you try with a different device like and Android or a more recent iPhone version? If possible test it that way and let us know how it goes.


Take care!


Hi @FabianS_Bogota,


yes, I might try this with other devices, but that doesn't help me and my device I'm using.

Ain't I right, but Spotify should work with my iPhone4S. It isn't a solution that it's working on other devices. The issue is about iPhone4S.

Btw. Deezer works just fine without any crashes.


And yes, it works with an iPhone6, but as I said, it is not the solution for this issue.

I hope these were all the infos you need, so you can switch this issue to "under investigation".

This kind of support is really frustrating too. If I would support my customers like that I wouldn't have many customers left!



@boardy1980, thanks for that update and your feedback.


Can you let us know how much free space do you have on your iPhone 4S? You should have at least 1 GB of free space on your device in order for Spotify to work correctly. Can you also check if there are any firmware updates on your car's stereo system?


We look forward to your response. 


Hi @JuanSebastian,


on my iPhone4S I have 3.2 GB free space, that seems to be enough. I only have a few playlists offline, so spotify uses just 1.7GB of the space.

I can quote my second sentence to this issue "There have been no changes made with the car software, so thats not the point." 

Can I help with any more info?


What I experienced:

- Amazon Music App = works

- Deezer App = works

- Napster App = works

- Spotify App = CRASHES


What you assume:

-> User error

-> iPhone4S might be the problem

-> the car stereo system might be the problem


What I assume:

- an app update might be the problem