Spotify Audio Drop with Google Home and Home Mini

I experience audio drops almost every 2-3 seconds when I stream music via Google Home and Home Mini. It can't be internet throttling because I tried streaming via phone then use either of the two as Bluetooth speakers and I don't get an audio drop.


Already restarted all my devices (phone, Home and Home Mini). Cleared cache on my phone. Issue still recurs.



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Hey @kaarbeen, welcome to the Community!


How long has this been happening for? What device, operating system, and Spotify version are you using with the devices?


Does restarting your network router make any difference?


Let us know.


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Hi Sergio,


This just happened recently - around November/December? 

I'm using a Google Pixel (first gen) with OS ver. 8.1. My Spotify version is armV7.


I've deleted and reinstalled both Google Home app and Spotify. But audio drop still happens. Trackbar will continue to move but no sound will come out then it will go back to the last time there was a sound and "resume". 


Initially, I thought our internet provider was throttling our speed but when I use Bluetooth and stream to Google Home, I don't experience the drops. I've restarted our modem/router several times also.


Hey @kaarbeen!


Just to confirm, is this happening when you use Spotify Connect? Also, do you have a different Android device you could use to test things out?


Keep us posted.

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Hi @Alfredo / @SergioDavid,


Yes, this happens when starting from phone then play to my Google Home/Mini or starting from Google Home/Mini itself via "Ok/Hey Google..."


Unfortunately, I don't have any other mobile device for testing.




Thanks for getting back to us.


If possible, try testing it out while logged into a different account to see if the issue persists. Also, just to be sure, does this happen to every single song you try listening to? 


Let us know.

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Hi @SergioDavid,


I'll try if I can get a different (Premium) account for testing. And, yes, this happens to every song whether it's coming from my playlist or a Spotify playlist or just plain from an album or search.




Thanks for the info.


Could you give it a try from a different account as we suggested before? You can use a friend's account, just to test it out.


Keep us in the loop.

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Hi @Maria_B / @SergioDavid


Here's what I did so far and I'm not sure if it's now back to normal. Just wanted to note also that I haven't updated my Spotify app yet.


1. Cleared cache/everything from Spotify.

2. Deleted Spotify app.

3. Deleted Google Home app.

4. Re-installed Spotify.

5. Re-installed Google Home and added Google Home and Home Mini without "using" old settings, i.e., added them as "new devices"


Here's where the weird part happened. Both devices are not showing up in my "Devices" screen but I can initially play songs via "Hey Google..." After some switching between my two devices, it started not playing again and threw the "Something went wrong..." spiel. Then,


6. Repeated Steps 1 & 2.

7. My two devices were now showing up in the list albeit not consistently. I had to kill/close the app and re-open again just to see my two devices/speakers.


But, audio is not dropping anymore despite not testing using a different account. (I still have **bleep**ty internet so I'm pretty much sure it's not throttling whatsoever.)


Thanks for the quick reply.


We're glad to hear the audio isn't dropping anymore.


Just to check, both devices are all the time in the area covered by your WiFi? Remember they need to be on the same WiFi to be available on the connect picker. If they are, can you try rebooting your router?


We'll be waiting.


I experience the same behaviour on several devices.

right Now with 2 grouped Google home minis. Audio drops on one or both. Sometimes syncronously, sometimes not. After some 20-60 secondsit comes back on one or both.

This also happens on my Google home as well on my Sonos speakers. On Sonos I typicallyuseSonos app to access Spotify and on the GH’s i use Spotify app to cast. Sometimesalso Spotify on GH started with ”hey Google play xxxx on my yyyy”

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