Spotify Connect No Longer Working. iPhone (9.0.2) + Windows 7

Status: Fixed


iPhone 5c + Windows PC.

Operating System Version:

iOS: 9.0.2

PC: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Spotify Version:

iOS App:

Windows App: (and previous version)


Spotify connect no longer working. Neither the iOS or Windows application can detect one another.


To reproduce:

  1. Connect iPhone to Wifi network (as network as PC)
  2. Open Spotify Windows Application
  3. Open Spotify iOS App
  4. Click the Spotify Connect icon in the windows application
  5. No devices appear in list




Additional information:

Spotify connect was working fine just a couple of days ago, now after the latest iOS update it no longer works. Updating the Windows application to the latest version does not fix the issue. Uninstalling and reinstalling both the iOS app and Windows Application does not fix the issue. Restarting both devices does not fix the issue. Feature is completely broken.

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We're going to mark this one as fixed as we've had no new reports recently. If you do experience any new issues, please feel free to open a new report - we'll take a look into it for you.


I'm having the same issue. Coincidentally, I bought a Chromecast Audio today, got it setup, then couldn't get Spotify Connect to work from my iPhone. I thought it was just a bug with the Chromecast Audio being so new and all... But then I noticed neither of the iPhones, my laptop, or my PS4 were working with Spotify Connect.


A thread on reddit going about the same issue:


i have the same problem. came home from college for break and now icant connect my phone ipad or computer together.

Ps4 is having the same issue at the moment.

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Sorry to hear you're having issues with Spotify Connect, we're here to help.


Can you just confirm that: 
  • All devices are on the same WiFi.
  • If you're playing to a speaker or TV, that your phone or tablet is logged into the newest version of the Spotify app.
  • If you're playing to another phone, tablet, or computer, that all devices are logged into the same Spotify account on the newest version of the Spotify app.

If all the above looks good, try to reinstall Spotify on your devices following the steps here


If you're still having issues after that, can you confirm the following:

1. Your devices.

2. Your devices OS version.

3. Spotify version you have installed.

4. What device are you trying to start Connect from?

5. When did it start happening?

6. A screenshot of what you're seeing.


We'll pass all the information on to the right team so they can investigate further. 


Let us know if you have questions. 



Status changed to: Fixed



I've got the same issue: Spotify Connect no longer working since last update (both on Android and Desktop)! I confirm that 

  • All devices are on the same WiFi, and newest version
  • Tried to reinstall Spotify but still not working (neither Android nor PC)

My devices: Dell XPS 9530 Windows 10 Family (Spotify version and Asus Zenfone 2 (latest Android 5.0, spotify version 


I am trying to connect on my Chromecast 2 (linked to my amp) and to Spotify Connect (linked to my amp). It started happening since last update of Spotify version today (Chromecast and my amp just don't appear in the spotify connect tab). 


Thank you for your help! 


Hey @hagegebenjamin,


Thanks for all the information.


Do you have the latest Chromecast firmware update?


Can you test it again today and let us know how it goes?






Same issue here. Spotify Connect was working fine up to about one month ago; now it is on and off, mostly off; impossible to understand why it works when it does, why it does not when it does not.

I am trying to stream to my Denon Piccolo N4, either controlling from and Iphone (IOS 9.1) or and Android phone.


I have asked Spotify; they quickly responded, to re-install Spotify, which I did, it did not solve the issue.


Same issue as above. Setup with 2PCs, chromecast, ipad and android phone. PCs can sometimes play to chromecast but mostly not. When playing on PC and opening andoid app I get a question "continue playing on "PC" or continue locally. This time, when I chose "continue" the music continued, but changing tracks did not work.  Then suddenly the phone also started playing. Right now both my phone and PC is playing music allthoug it is not supposed to be possible. (None of them have this track in an offline playlist)


Andoid and iOS seems to work fine with chromecast, but the connect function on the PC clients seems very unstable lately. Sometimes the chromecast appears on the desktops, and sometimes not. Sometimes it helps to connect to chromecast with android/iOS first and then control everything from Desktop computer, but for example right now it does not show.  Pinging between all units work and they are all on the same subnet/VLAN.  


Desktop version 




@pierreontheair1 We're currently investigating issues with Denon devices. Could you please let us know:

Spotify version

Firmware version

Steps to reproduce

Have you tried any solutions (e.g. Updating the firmware; Restarting the device)?


Also, a time frame of when this happens would be really handy.


@andersks Do you only notice that happening when trying to use ChromeCast from your PC?

Have you set up ChromeCast to cast from your PC before?

If both devices are on the same WiFi connection, then your ChromeCast should show.


Could you try restarting your wireless router?

Thanks 🙂