Spotify Connect Stuttering

Status: Closed

Device: Galaxy TAB SM-T800


Operating System Version:Android 5.0.2


Spotify Version:


Description:Music stutters bady when using Spotify Connect to stream to any of my three Yamaha Receivers. Streams fine to Yamaha Receivers using Chromecast


To reproduce:

  1. Stream to TAM SM-T800
  2. Use Spotify Connect to stream to any Yamaha Receiver
  3. Bad Stuttering





Additional information: I have tried three different Samsung Andoid devices. I have tried three different Yamaha Receivers.  Works fine when using Chromecast






I recently experienced the same issue using Spotify connect feature from a Denon Heos Link.

Sometimes the music playback stops, the controls are laggy...

It's working fine using my Chromecast. or Desktop client. 

This problem only happens on my Denon Heos device.

I have been experimenting with settings on my router. Setting a fixed IP address for the Yamaha Receiver seemed to fix the problem.
I already have fixed IP for all my devices.
Status changed to: Closed

Hey everyone,


Welcome to the Spotify Community.


We have a new Spotify version available for Android. Can you try to reinstall Spotify following these steps? 


Also, check if all the Connect requirements are being followed.


Let us know if it helps.






Thanks Priscilla. I had tried this but no improvement.  Moving to fixed IP addresses improved things greatly.  I have been liaising with Spotify Suport on the problem and they have been very responsive and helpful, but at this stage nothing we have tried has completely cured the problem.  There must be something different about the way Spotify streams when using Spotify Conect that is causing me problems, as the normal streaming to my devices works fine.


Hi Priscilla,


The issue isn't related to the Android device itself, cause my problem remain the same using Spotify desktop application on a Windows laptop to control my Denon (with Spotify Connect feature).


And as russelminerva said, if I use Spotify (on Windows laptop or Android) with normal streaming (not the Connect feature) eveything is OK.


Hey folks. Spotify here.


@xelamok Could provide us with a reply that includes the following info? 


Spotify version:


Firmware version:

Steps to reproduce:

Have you tried any solutions (e.g. Updating the firmware; Restarting the device):




@Rorey Here are the requested info


Spotify version:

Android version



Denon Heos Link (as player)

LG G3 (as remote)


Firmware version:

Heos Info

Revision: 3
Version: 1.310.170
Build: 70869
Module: 10
Release: Production
Locale: en_EU


Steps to reproduce:

In the evening use Spotify Connect from my android phone to connect to my Denon Heos Link, connection Ok, start to play any song and wait for freeze or gap in the streaming, happens a lot lately...

Not using Spotify Connect and playing the same song using only the Spotify app (regular streaming) on my android phone is working well.

Issue only happens using Spotify Connect feature !!

For me seems related to a server overload because it's not happening (or less) in the morning...

(Orange France ISP with optical fiber connection)


Have you tried any solutions (e.g. Updating the firmware; Restarting the device):

All firmware up-to-date = No improvements

Hard factory reset = No improvements

Also re-installed Spotify App on android phone = No improvements

Port 4070 opened on both TCP/UDP for all incoming/outcoming connections = No improvements

Tested using Wifi or Ethernet connection  = No improvements





I have been chasing a stuttering problem for nearly one year. It only occurred when using Spotify Connect to either of my Yamaha devices. I could stream all day to my PC, Android phone and tablet. It seemed worse during busy times. e.g 8.00PM in the evening.


There is clearly something different about Spotify Connect streaming and normal streaming. The Spotify support team either don't know or won't say what that is.


I found the problem to be with my router and the way it interacts with Spotify Connect streaming. The challenge was that I have a combined cable modem/router provided by my ISP (Netgear CG3000v2) and it can't be changed nor can the firmware be changed.



I put the CG3000v2 in Bridge Mode. Effectively using only the modem features and disabling all routing functions.  I then used a router I had (netgear WNDR3700v2) and connected it to the CG3000v2. The WNDR3700v2 now provides all routing, DNS, and Wireless functions. I the installed Open Source software on the WNDR3700v2.  I chose DD-WRT as my router supports it.. This is excellent software that provides far more and better features then the standard Netgear software. I connected both my Yamaha devices via Ethernet to the new router.


My problem is now largely gone.  I get very very occasional stuttering. Some days nothing at all.


Trust this is help to someone.