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Spotify Connect is no longer working

After months of flawless activity, Spotify and no longer works between multiple devices. I have a new pixel phone, two MacBooks and a PC. I usually can see all of them on Spotify connect I play a song and now none of them appear. When I restart the device they sometimes will appear briefly, but connect will no longer function. All of the systems have the latest version of spotify and have been restarted multiple times.

Hey all!


Alright, Spotify is aware of this issue and looking into this. You can keep an eye on this page for updates. I’ll be here if you need anything else.


Have a great day! 🙂


I'm having the same experience, also after months of nearly flawless use of Connect.  Trying to connect (to my Mac running Spotify) from Spotify on my Windows PC or from Spotify on my iPhone is has been not working (most of the time) over the past several days, and I too have the latest versions installed on each platform.


Same problem for me. I use connect every day to listen to podcasts from my desktop speakers while at work, but since yesterday morning the the "Connect" icon is dimmed and my PC and iPhone aren't recognizing eachother at all. I have the most recent version installed for both.

Status changed to: New issue report

Hey all!


Alright, that's not cool! Let's get you back rocking again. Could you guys try these steps? Does Connect work after that? Let me know! 🙂

Have a great day!

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I uninstalled and reinstalled, then restarted my iPhone. Before uninstalling on my PC I just tried logging out and signing back in and connect showed up and is now working.


That's great to hear @chasej15!


Do you guys have the same issue after following the steps @Hubo suggested?


Take care 🙂

Uninstall and reinstalling on OSX, Windows 10 and iOS has not resolved the issue for me. None of my devices are able to see each other using Spotify Connect where they were working without incident for months prior to a few days ago.

That's odd @WuTangTan.


Can you let us know what device, operating system and versions of Spotify you're using? Also, we'd recommend logging in from a different account to see if you have the same issue.


Let us know how it goes 🙂

OSX 10.11.6. Spotify version: Windows 10. Spotify version: iOS 10.2.1. Spotify version: I don't have immediate access to another account but I may create one if this persists. Are there any caches on Windows or OSX that might be relevant to his problem that wouldn't have been cleared by a reinstall?
I did the same and it didn't work for me either. Nothing has changed on my
system. This is obviously an issue with Spotify. Please look into it. God
knows you're making enough money.