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Plan: Premium

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Iphone 8

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Spotify connect is not working when trying to connect to any device.  I can only connect via by bluetooth.  This all happened all of a sudden at 5:30pm Est time.  


Hey folks,


We really appreciate taking the time to add your reports here in the Community about issues with Spotify Connect in the app and playback on the Web Player.


Our tech teams have done their magic backstage and it should be now fixed.


Since everything should be running smooth now, we'll close this Ongoing Issue report as Fixed.


However, if you're having troubles, don't hesitate to give us a shout in the related Help Board. We'll be happy to lend a hand there.


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My computer did not see the phone, I did everything.
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I'm sorry for my bad english

Plan: Premium

Country: Canada


Device: Apple TV 4k, model A1842 (64 GB)

Operating System: tvOS 13.3.1


So, I downloaded the Spotify app for the Apple TV, and I've encountered the following issues:

• Taking ages to pair: It can take several minutes for the TV to realise it's been successfully paired.  It just sits there showing the pairing code, but eventually it figures it out.

• Logging out: I can see it as a Spotify Connect target on my phone and laptop, but when I try to actually cast to it, it simply causes the TV app to log out (i.e. return to the first screen with the "log in" button).

• Can't play anything: If, instead of casting to it, I try to actually just pick something on the TV to play, it simply won't do anything.  The "play" button (or the song I'm selecting) will do the "press" animation, so I know I actually did hit it, but nothing plays and it doesn't go to the track's page.


It seems like the Apple TV app is just fundamentally broken for me.  I've tried reinstalling it, rebooting the Apple TV, etc.  No dice.  I know the Apple TV is connected to the network just fine because it can do YouTube, Plex, SpeedTest, etc, and I've never had trouble with the Apple TV in the past.


Sometime after 2pm PST on Wed May 6th, Spotify Connect stopped working. I updated Alexa and Spotify apps to latest versions. I unplugged and plugged back in my Amazon Echos. I reset both Echos and set them up from scratch, including using “Alexa, connect to Spotify” command which it said was successful. I can be inside Alexa app and music from Spotify will play through the Echos. But if I give Alexa command to play something on Spotify, no sound comes out. Also, in Spotify under Devices, it does not see the Echos. So, I am no longer able to play music from Spotify on my Amazon Echos (this makes Spotify currently unusable). Please look into this and provide a bug fix, ASAP. Thank you!

Premium, USA, iPhone SE, iOS 13.3.1


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+1 here
It's also stopped working in my Google devices, but that seems to have been fixed now.

But not the Amazon ones, all Echos are still missing from device lists, and have tried unlinking and relining my account multiple times

Spotify web player was working fine for me yesterday. I woke up and bam - spinning wheel nothing playing. I use Chrome, so I tried Mozilla Firefox and same issue. Cleared cache/cookies, restarted computer - still nothing.


This happened to me ....All about the same time as the app crashing issue. Can’t connect to Denon receiver at this same time. So I have a useless iPad app now bc I only use it for connect and my android app can’t do connect for months now. 
im thinking of switching to Amazon music which works well everywhere. I’ve liked Spotify, but it’s getting very unusable for me as well.


Same. iOS app crashed on open started last night. Same time it stopped working on echo devices. Now the app opens This morning but still won’t play on echo devices. Also can’t use Spotify connect like others note. 


Same problem with my Apple TV 4K, error 200 just started 2 days ago. Deleted Spotify app and redownloaded, won’t pair now.




Spotify connect has become completely unusable on every single device except desktops. No changes were made on my end, and Amazon confirms that Spotify connect is non-existent. What is the problem, and how long will this take to fix?


Also, Spotify support leaves a lot to be desired, this site has some truly horrifying UX problems. 

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