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Spotify Connect is not working

Plan: Premium

Country: Canada



Iphone 8

Operating System



My Question or Issue


Spotify connect is not working when trying to connect to any device.  I can only connect via by bluetooth.  This all happened all of a sudden at 5:30pm Est time.  


Hey folks,


We really appreciate taking the time to add your reports here in the Community about issues with Spotify Connect in the app and playback on the Web Player.


Our tech teams have done their magic backstage and it should be now fixed.


Since everything should be running smooth now, we'll close this Ongoing Issue report as Fixed.


However, if you're having troubles, don't hesitate to give us a shout in the related Help Board. We'll be happy to lend a hand there.


Have a lovely day 🙂







iPhone XR

Operating System

iOS 13.4.1


My Question or Issue

What happened?  None of Sonos speakers show up in Spotify connect, after adding a new Sonos speaker.  They all show up in Airplay.  And Spotify show up as music source in Sonos.


And yes, everyone is on the same Wifi network and updated to the latest software.


Spotify is known for disabling Connect on some speakers. And I heard Sonos stopped supporting some older models. Keep an eye on that.


I don't think that's it cuz I see all of my Sonos speakers from another device.  But something surely the last 48 hours.  Thank you.


Now they appear on my iPhone but not on other devices lol

I have no idea what's going on.


I’m not a regular Sonos user, but from what I know, you need to have the same firmware version on all of them in order to work flawlessly.


I'm still getting this issue – definitely not fixed on my end.


Weirdly Sonos works great with all my music services except Spotify. 

I have tried on iOS and Mac desktop app. Same results. Everythng works except Spotify. On the desktop app I wil get "connection to spotify has been lost" I've reinstalled both apps,, reauthorized Spotify. Nothing.  So weird. It sees spotfiy and plalists it just cannot play them.

Going through spotify to play on Sonos group speakers doesn't work anymore either.


it's making me nuts trying to figure it out.







United States


iPhone 7, Amazon Echo Dot

Operating System

iOS 13.3.1, Amazon Alexa


My Question or Issue

These may be two separate issues, but in case it’s all related: I experienced the Spotify app on my iPhone 7 crashing on startup. An update didn’t help, so I deleted the app, re-downloaded it, and rebooted my phone. The app seemed to be working fine.


I started some music and went to transfer playback to my linked Echo Dot on the same wifi network. The Dot didn’t show up as an available device. I tried rebooting the dot, but that didn’t help.


So then I tried giving the Dot the verbal command to play the album. Alexa confirmed that it would play the album from Spotify, but no sound came out. I opened the Spotify app again on my phone and nothing was playing. The Dot still didn’t show up under Devices, whether I restricted to local network or not.


I tried unlinking my account by disabling the skill in the Alexa app, then re-enabling and re-linking. That didn’t work. I tried disabling, deleting both apps, reinstalling both apps (rebooting my phone after each one), and then re-enabling and re-linking. That didn’t work. Any suggestions? Thanks!





Unites States


LG 60UM6900PUA (4k Smart TV)

Operating System

(Some form of Android or Linux OS I would assume)


My Question or Issue

I have been using my smart TV as a streamer for the past 6 months. I typically cast music from my phone (Oneplus 6). There have been no issues doing this up until now. Currently when I try to cast or play music manually, Spotify will not play music on the TV or show the play window. 


What works:

- I can access my Spotify account on my phone and TV and brows libraries. 

- I can see actions I take on spotify such as liked songs, on both devices, live.

- I can play music on my phone.

- I can access other applications on TV and cast to them such as Youtube

- I can access Spotify from my phone and detect the TV before casting.


Whats Broken:

- I get a "Connecting..." when attempting to cast music from my phone. (See attached) Connection never finishes.

- I can't play music through Spotify at all on my TV. Casting or manually.

- I can access songs and libraries manually with the remote but nothing happens when I select play.


What I've tried:

- Playing music through Casting

- Playing music manually with remote

- Reinstalling Spotify on Phone and TV

- Resetting TV to factory settings

- Resetting Wifi

- Removing account and logging back in on Phone and TV


I'm paying for Spotify but I wont be if I cant get this resolved. 


I am having a similar issue with my Roku Streaming stick.
Anytime I try to connect to this device, it does nothing.
I've even tried pairing the device multiple times and still nothing happens.
I've reinstalled Spotify on my phone and Roku, but no success.