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Spotify Connect is not working

Plan: Premium

Country: Canada



Iphone 8

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Spotify connect is not working when trying to connect to any device.  I can only connect via by bluetooth.  This all happened all of a sudden at 5:30pm Est time.  


Hey folks,


We really appreciate taking the time to add your reports here in the Community about issues with Spotify Connect in the app and playback on the Web Player.


Our tech teams have done their magic backstage and it should be now fixed.


Since everything should be running smooth now, we'll close this Ongoing Issue report as Fixed.


However, if you're having troubles, don't hesitate to give us a shout in the related Help Board. We'll be happy to lend a hand there.


Have a lovely day 🙂


Mine is not warking again, it was fixed for arround 6 hours and now is not working again, did anyone get a response from technical support?




My Spotify has trouble playing songs with my mobile data on. Iam getting no internet connection whereas my internet connection is just fine. I have tried all the below solutions restart , aeroplane mode,clear cache , logout and log in , reinstalled the app, even tried using Spotify lite none of it worked. Please help me out @SpotifyCares @spotifystatus cause it's really hard to get past every single day without daily playlist of music.


I have not been able to connect to my Spotify Speakers in nearly a year via the Spotify App. I've tried everything from deleting/re-installing Spotify App, firmware updates on Sonos speakers and nothing appear to work.

I'm starting to lose faith that Spotify is the best music solution for use with Sonos.


Spotify App v8.5.57.1164

Android v10


The fix is definitely not working for me also.  I still can't play music on my Bose LifeStyle system via SoundTouch. It's still not fixed.

I did a clean uninstall of the app and it seems to have fixed the fact that it was disconnecting from my Google Home Mini speaker however the app still closes by itself for no apparent reason and that is still going on...


Did the clean re-install and it didn't fix. But something interesting happened and it seems to fix the issue. I changed my WiFi to a different one. And then changed it back to the original one and it started working. don't know how long it is going to last though..


I suspect that some/many home wireless routers don't have static IP addresses and that when the It I periodically have to reconnect my ST speakers to the ST app. Sometimes it's almost a daily thing and sometimes the connection last months. Sometimes, I have to reboot my router, hard reset the speakers ans then reconnect the ST speakers to the ST app. After I do the reconnect, ST and Spotify coexist again for a while,  until the next speaker reconnect is required.  Also, at this point, I first have to start Spotify within the ST app, play a song,  then open Spitify, which asks if I want to continue listening on the ST speaker, I say "yes" and I'm good to go. I think this is what happens when a hardware company (Bose) makes software (Soundtouch). The software works, sort of. The hardware is really good.


@sertac155 Just checking, how's the Wifi swap/re-swap fix going?  I have been having similar issues too.  Cheers!


@real_mangocurry I had the problem happening again. Switching wifi and somehow it is working out. Not stable though. Very annoying

Day to day. I can't figure out what the variables are. The fact that 10's
of 1000's of humans are dying, millions are getting sick and seemingly
everyone is at risk of getting sick puts the poor performance of Bose's
Soundtouch app into perspective for me.