Spotify Connect is not working

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Country: Canada



Iphone 8

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Spotify connect is not working when trying to connect to any device.  I can only connect via by bluetooth.  This all happened all of a sudden at 5:30pm Est time.  


Hey folks,


We really appreciate taking the time to add your reports here in the Community about issues with Spotify Connect in the app and playback on the Web Player.


Our tech teams have done their magic backstage and it should be now fixed.


Since everything should be running smooth now, we'll close this Ongoing Issue report as Fixed.


However, if you're having troubles, don't hesitate to give us a shout in the related Help Board. We'll be happy to lend a hand there.


Have a lovely day 🙂


Spotify connect is not working at all. You cannot play spotify on anything except a phone or desktop now. The fact that you could release such a breaking change is a little scary, but made even more scary now that I realize Spotify has no customer support at all. If this isn't fixed by the EOD I am going to end my Spotify account. And please don't tell me to reset my device, I have been through everything, Amazon confirmed on the phone that Spotify connect does not exist at the moment.


same, cannot connect to sonos or google devices, from ios. this also started at around 6:30pm may 6
I am having the same issue since last night when the app was crashing on start up. Spotify Connect is not working at all on any of my devices. I have 3 Google Nest devices and 1 android TV and Spotify Connect has stopped working on all devices on my network.
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Same here, I can't login on roku. If I try to use the connect method it just sits there on connecting and never works (no error messages). If I try to login with my email/password same thing, it just sits there like it's trying to login, never works, no errors. Spotify connect is going to ruin spotify...
Same issue with me since May 6th around 6pm






Google Chromebook

Operating System

Google chrome OS

Version 79.0.3945.123 (Official Build) (64-bit)

My Question or Issue

Lately I have been having issues with web player. Specifically playing music. Spotify opens normally, I can do anything else I usually do, but for some reason I can't play anything. When I click play on a song or playlist, it appears to play normally, but gets stuck loading forever. I've searched all over the place for a working fix, but none of which worked.

Screenshot 2020-05-07 at 8.15.21 AM.png


Exact same issue here, so this is clearly a problem. We have three current Echo Plus', and Echo Show 8 and an Echo Dot. The Plus' and the Show are appearing under Devices in the Spotify IOS app, but the Dot does not appear.


But none of that seems to matter because Spotify will not play on any of them. Alexa answers, but then there is silence. Apple Music and Prime Music both work fine, so this is clearly an issue caused by the May 6 outage.


Hopefully Spotify gets on this as it's the primary way we use Spotify. Otherwise I guess I have to cancel the Family account and choose one of the other two services. 

same problem here! On May 6th around 6:30-7:00pm EST multiple apps on my iphone 6s plus with ios 13.4.1 starting crashing instantly when i opened them. They would open and then they would close right back out. I found online that there was a problem with facebook sdk and it was causing apps to crash. During my time trying to figure out what the problem was I updated the spotify app but the bug still continued. Eventually all of the apps including spotify started working, I could play songs from my iphone but noticed that the spotify connect was not showing my four echo's and my three bose soundtouch speakers. It would list a few of them on and off but was very spotty. When there were devices listed there, spotify would not connect to them. I was unable to to connect to spotify through the respective apps (alexa app for echos and bose app for soundtouches, I couldnt get spotify to play through my echo's or soundtouches any way i tried. When I spoke "play spotify" to any of the echo's they would say "playing spotify" but nothing would play. At one point I got spotify to play through the echo's by speaking "play spotify" to them but eventually that stopped working again. In the past I was able to control my devices through spotify connect even when i was not on my wifi network, now nothing is working. I've unlinked and re-linked spotify from my alexa app, I've unlinked and re-linked spotify in my bose app, nothing working. I've uninstalled the spotify app, the alexa app and the bose app, reinstalled and setup, nothing working, I've rebooted my router, nothing working. I also noticed this morning that when I try and toggle off the car mode in spotify settings, the app crashes, much like it was doing yesterday when all of this started. PLEASE FIX ASAP, we all pay very good money to have your spotify premium service and it has been over 12 hours since this all started.

I just switched from Apple Music to Spotify Premium last week. I am not impressed so far. 

It is pretty frustrating at the lack of acknowledgment and communication from Spotify on this issue, especially on their own site. 


If this does get corrected soon, I'll probably switch back to Apple Music. 5 years on that platform and no issues with it whatsoever. 


For the record, same issue here on our five Echo devices. All worked fine with Spotify as the main music service until the big crash of May 6. Now none of them will play Spotify. Apple Music and Prime Music both work fine. Hoping for a quick fix or else we'll have to cancel Spotify unfortunately as the Echos are the main way we use it.

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