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Spotify Connect not working on Desktop app

We're getting reports that Connect isn't working on the Windows desktop app. No devices appear on Device picker despite being in the same network. Connect works fine on the web player, though.


This is now being investigated.

Hi everyone,


Our tech team have confirmed that the issue should be resolved in the latest version of the app. Please make sure to update your devices ot receive the fix. If you continue to face issues with Connect, let us know in the Help section. You can check out this thread as a good starting point.



I have both the Mobile App on my phone and the app on my windows computer but after a while I couldn't switch between the devices anymore. My phone app syncs with the web player but the desktop app will not connect to anything.

Hey there!


This is some odd behaviour indeed. Does it occur on your home network or a company one?
Do you use any VPN services?

We'd also like to know if the desktop app still plays but is isolated from the rest of the platforms.
If it does, could you check if offline mode is enabled in your settings?
In case it's not and the described behaviour is observed on your home PC with no VPN services enabled, I'd advise going for a complete clean reinstall of the app to see if that makes a difference.
Keep us posted!


Occurs when I use my home network and by mobile hotspot. 
VPN is off on both devices. 

I can play different songs on desktop app while also playing music on the mobile app. I cannot play different songs on the web player and the mobile app. It seems to be only the desktop app that has trouble. 
Offline mode is not on for either device. (You can turn on offline mode on desktop?)
I have already done 2 clean reinstalls on my PC from both the spotify website and the Microsoft Store. 
I think the desktop app is not recognized as an output? 


Update: Cannot download songs on desktop app. Already checked firewall. 


same thing has been happening with me, please help


im also unable to play songs which come in recommendations or play songs directly from albums, im only able to play songs in playlists and liked songs


Hey folks, 


Thanks for your replies. 


@jdaw873, could you let us know what exactly happens when you try downloading your content on the desktop app? We'd also like to know if this started happening after a specific event such as an update. Lastly, would you mind logging out and then logging back in twice in a row to see if that makes the difference? 


@krish27, could you let us know which troubleshooting steps you've already tried? That way we can avoid repeating any steps. We'd also like to know the exact make/model, operating system and Spotify version of your device. Regarding the second issue you mentioned, we recommend taking a look at the Status update of this thread for more info. 


We'll be on the lookout for your replies.

I had to roll back to older spotify version Spotify for Windows

Steps taken:

1. Delete and download spotify from both website and windows store.

2. Disable hardware acceleration 

3. Reset windows management 

4. Cleared all caches


Issue is still not fixed


When I try downloading it does the loading sign things, but it doesn't actually download songs. (nothing in the folder or listenable offline). 

I don't remember any specific event but it was about a week or two ago.