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Spotify Connect not working on Desktop app

We're getting reports that Connect isn't working on the Windows desktop app. No devices appear on Device picker despite being in the same network. Connect works fine on the web player, though.


This is now being investigated.

Hi everyone,


Our tech team have confirmed that the issue should be resolved in the latest version of the app. Please make sure to update your devices ot receive the fix. If you continue to face issues with Connect, let us know in the Help section. You can check out this thread as a good starting point.




Showing difference between desktop app and web player. 


Hey @jdaw873,


Thanks for sending over the screen recording.


Can you please check if the issue persists when using the Microsoft Store version of the app?


Keep us posted.


Tried it didn't work.



I can use Spotify independently on my phone and computer. Also, my computer doesn't see my other Spotify speakers/devices. But the same computer with the Spotify player running in the browser or as an app installed from the browser works fine - it sees my devices and also gets the information about the track I'm listening to on my other device.

Why isn't my Spotify app working properly on my computer? My VPN is currently off (when it's on I can't see album covers - which is also really annoying).

Hi @rrakso


Could you please follow the steps provided in this article and see if anything improves?


If those steps don't help, you could try signing out and back into Spotify twice. This will force a resync of data.


If possible, I would recommend whitelisting Spotify from your VPN. Often, VPNs and Spotify do not play nice, and Spotify often needs to verify your region based on your internet connection.

You may also need to be sure Spotify is allowed through your firewall.





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Hey @jdaw873,

Thanks for your reply.


Is it possible to log in on a friend's PC and check if the same thing happens there?




Hi, this issue has been happening for me too.

its strange as it seems only the Desktop app is out of sync.


I can see the last song ive played on the web version and on my mobile, but Desktop app is behaving separately.


I have seen this issue raised in multiple threads and have not seen any viable solution yet. This is very annoying and making me reconsider my subscription.


**bleep**, I can play 2 different songs, one on web and the other on desktop at the same time. (see attached)


and yes, i have cleared cache and reinstalled the windows version. The issue still persists.

Says it on the tin, more or less. My Spotify desktop installation (I'm on Windows 10) does not connect to my Discord or LastFM apps, and my mobile device does not detect my desktop installation (I can play two songs at once- one on my phone and one on my PC.) I've reinstalled all involved apps at least twice, tried switching into online/offline/private mode and whatnot, cleared my discord cache, etc.

In the best case scenario, I am able to disconnect and reconnect my Spotify account from Discord, but it picks up no activity.

I seem to have run into this exact same problem.  I've downloaded both the program and Microsoft Store version of Spotify and uninstalled them both multiple times.  My phone's and web player's Spotify works just as intended but my desktop version doesn't show other devices and seems to be completely detached from my phone and web player.  Everything is up-to-date, it's all on the same wifi, same account, local devices are on, etc.  It just seems like my desktop Spotify just refuses to cooperate.  The solution provided doesn't seem to work, I've tried both versions of the desktop app multiple times and both don't work.