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Spotify Connect not working on multiple 3rd party devices

Status: Fixed

Recently there have been numerous reports that Spotify Connect is not working on 3rd party devices like wireless smart speakers, multiroom speakers, sound systems and receivers. 

It's either possible to connect to the speaker using the Spotify Connect picker, but songs cannot be played and playback cannot be controlled, or the speakers appear grayed out and cannot connect at all.

Hello everyone,


We are aware that this issue has been going on for quite some time now. Thanks to your reports and immense help in troubleshooting this, we are happy to say that this should now be fixed. The information provided from members of the community greatly helped the tech teams from Spotify. They worked together with different speaker manufacturers over the last few months in order to pinpoint what was causing this connection issue and were able to sort it out.


If you're still having issues playing music on your sound systems via Spotify Connect, we recommend the following:

  • Check if there are any firmware updates available for your speaker and install them.
  • Reboot your router and re-connect all devices to the network.
  • Alter your router's DNS to


Don't hesitate to reach out again if the issue comes back! We'll do our best to get on it right away, so that you can enjoy your music.


Duncati - I'm in the same boat. Spotify connect does not work on my Cambridge Audio speaker from my android phone or my PC.
The speaker has WiFi and LAN cable options.

It works only if I do the following:

Remove wifi network in speaker config so it is LAN only

Attempt to connect to Spotify Connect from e.g. Android phone (fails)

Remove LAN cable and then plug LAN cable in again.

Attempt to connect to Spotify Connect from e.g. Android phone (success!)


This works fine until I switch the speaker off.
Upon switching on again I need to do the LAN cable procedure again.


Can I get a reply from someone from Spotify? Is the Spotify-app on the Sony UBP X800 still supported by Spotify? Who is responsible for that app? Sony or Spotify? And the main question of course: will it be fixed in the near future?


I have 13 samsung speakers used in a restaurant. The speakers vary from Shape M3, M5, M7 & 1500's. I have had the exact same problem. Rebooting the router sometimes works. It seems, at times, only one speaker will connect afterwards burt once I group them from that seaker all is well. The quickest fix lately is to disconnect the M& (Lan cable) & then reconnect it. Aftewrwards, that speaker will connect to Spotify. I then group them all & away we go! Sometimes a speaker may show up from my phone & then i know I can connect to it from the PC app. I also uninstalled Spotify & Samsung Multiroom from other devices on the network so that just one device controlled the speakers. It's a lot of work but I have, as i said, 13 speakers connected & it's important to have music playing at the restaurant.



And it's gone. Connection lost 😔

Same here. Very unsatisfying response from Spotify by the way. If this indeed is a bug that they caused by changing something in the backend, then why not revert that change? This really makes me want to reconsider using Spotify. I now need to either switch services or buy new speakers. But if I buy new speakers, who can guarantee that in a couple of years those won't work with Spotify anymore either?

Here another owner of a Sony STR-DN1080 AV receiver which stopped supporting the Spotify Connect feature. Exactly the same pattern as other responses in this thread: iPhones, iPads used to connect quickly, but since a few weeks it stalls on ‘connecting’ and eventually times out. Only way to connect now is via inferior air play streaming.


Hey folks,

Thanks for keeping in contact.

In this post, we get some information about Samsung discontinuing their product. In this case, there's nothing we can do on our end, as fixing this would require a firmware update on the speakers' end.


Unfortunately, such situations can arise, as backends (APIs) change and it's completely natural for devices that don't get constant updates to not work forever.


Please note, that we cannot influence compatibility on all devices out there, especially when it concerns third-parties and their decision to end their support for a certain product. 


Hope you’ll find this information useful. If anything else comes up, the Community will be here for you.




Could we at least have some technical informations on the changes that have been made? This might help Samsung.. Or let the community in some way work around the issue...


Right now I feel left in the dirt, by two companies who can't be transparent on why our products have stopped working.. I think at least we deserve an explanation..


I have already requested that Samsung open-source their firmware..


Hope that you guys will also do whatever you can to help us (of course within reasons)..


To me this issues seems to be that the format of the stream has changed, all the communication the speakers works.. It's only playback that fails


Also, as several people mention, the system sometimes work (after restarting routers and other things)




I have the same problem, I've contacted Spotify, all checks done, The Spotify app has a bug in Samsung WAM Support, If they do not fix the problem soon, I will end my Spotify account


Hi everybody!


Thanks for your replies. 


In order to check this further, could you tell us if this issue started after any recent OS update or firmware update on your speakers/AV receivers? Also, are there any firmware updates available for your receivers? 


On another note, we suggest that @SuperGreg76 tries a factory reset on your Sony device by following these steps.


@marvin2140, we suggest that you try the same by following these ones.


Keep us in the loop.