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Spotify Connect not working on multiple 3rd party devices

Recently there have been numerous reports that Spotify Connect is not working on 3rd party devices like wireless smart speakers, multiroom speakers, sound systems and receivers. 

It's either possible to connect to the speaker using the Spotify Connect picker, but songs cannot be played and playback cannot be controlled, or the speakers appear grayed out and cannot connect at all.

Hello everyone,


We are aware that this issue has been going on for quite some time now. Thanks to your reports and immense help in troubleshooting this, we are happy to say that this should now be fixed. The information provided from members of the community greatly helped the tech teams from Spotify. They worked together with different speaker manufacturers over the last few months in order to pinpoint what was causing this connection issue and were able to sort it out.


If you're still having issues playing music on your sound systems via Spotify Connect, we recommend the following:

  • Check if there are any firmware updates available for your speaker and install them.
  • Reboot your router and re-connect all devices to the network.
  • Alter your router's DNS to


Don't hesitate to reach out again if the issue comes back! We'll do our best to get on it right away, so that you can enjoy your music.


Having trouble when connecting to sonos devices from desktop app (Spotify for macOS (Intel)

  1. Play music on computer, through computer speakers
  2. Click `connect to a device`
  3. Select third party device `Sonos one`
  4. Then, music is playing through computer speakers as well as Sonos speakers, but at different sections of the song.
  5. In order to make it stop, I need to quick the desktop app
    1. Music remains playing on third party speaker, which I want

Since the update on 15/09/2022 spotify no longer connects to my denon receiver


Working for me again on Sony STR-DN1080!


They actually fixed it! All my Samsung Multiroom speakers are working as normal again! 

Yay! Also, why the refusal to acknowledge that the problem was on their end in the first place.


With that said, thank you for fixing it @user-removed 


Except it’s not fixed, it may be working again for some but not everyone. Mine was fixed for a week a few weeks ago and then it stopped working again. Don’t be so quick to thank Spotify, you may be back next week complaining again @Christian-BH 


And now it stopped working again after a few days. Please find a permanent fix Spotify


For me Spotify Connect works again fine on my Samsung Linkmate and M7 device, even after removing the changes in my router settings that were needed to provide an intermediate work-around solution. So this is great!


So indeed Spotify seems to have fixed the issue for many of the users that were dealing with this problem. Spotify acknowledged that the communication between users on this community forum since March has helped Spotify to identify the problem, its severity and maybe even in solving it.


So thanks a lot to all contributors of this discussion! 


Also thanks to Spotify for listening to us and restoring the service to our devices! However, next time please be more communicative and realize how frustrating it is if you cannot use your sound system the way you want for months and don't get any information on the chances of a solution becoming available in the future!






Connect was working fine for me and my Yamaha AV device just fine until today.  Now I can see the device but connect won't connect to it.  Seems a fix for some has been a break for me 😞


Update - finally got it working again by getting someone else to connect from their phone and their account to the device.  That seemed to "unblock" the issue and I could then connect myself again, although oddly not with the song I had previously been trying to play - maybe some bad cached data?


Same for me, only had few issues during the last months, but since thursday nothing is working. I have multiple denon devices and a yamaha receiver and spotify doesn't connect to any of them. I've tried three different android devices, all with the latest App but no success so far


I cannot confirm that this is fixed.


my setup:

- Ubiquity Network (Dreammachine + 48Port Switch)

- 4 x Roberts RS1 Players for Multiroom - connected via LAN (1st DNS set to my Gateway, 2nd to

- 2 x Spotify Desktop Computers

- 1 x BLOCK Audio Amplifier with Spotify (same technology as Roberts players)

- 6 x Phones (Android and IOS mixed)

- 6 Access Points at home for optimal Wireless coverage


Every asset is up-to-date on the firmeware-side.


Regarding the proposed solution: why should the Google DNS be better than others? This does not sound to be a proper solution as any other big DNS should do as well (like of Cloudflare or else).


Baseline is - some players work sometimes, others don't. The next day, may other players work and others don't. Sometimes it works from Android, on the next day it better works with IOS... it is absolutely NOT deterministic as there is no change at all to my infrastructure, just the weather outside changes...


I am willing to support Spotify Tech team in all needs (Wireshark TCP Dumps, Debug Files, whatever i can supply which helps) to really get rid of this mess - as this is now ongoing for over a year and pretty much annoying.


Please also give guidance regarding required network settings besides your mentioned DNS - are there settings which interfere with Spotify Connect? Any firewall settings which need to be applied? etc.