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Spotify Connect not working on multiple 3rd party devices

Recently there have been numerous reports that Spotify Connect is not working on 3rd party devices like wireless smart speakers, multiroom speakers, sound systems and receivers. 

It's either possible to connect to the speaker using the Spotify Connect picker, but songs cannot be played and playback cannot be controlled, or the speakers appear grayed out and cannot connect at all.

Hello everyone,


We are aware that this issue has been going on for quite some time now. Thanks to your reports and immense help in troubleshooting this, we are happy to say that this should now be fixed. The information provided from members of the community greatly helped the tech teams from Spotify. They worked together with different speaker manufacturers over the last few months in order to pinpoint what was causing this connection issue and were able to sort it out.


If you're still having issues playing music on your sound systems via Spotify Connect, we recommend the following:

  • Check if there are any firmware updates available for your speaker and install them.
  • Reboot your router and re-connect all devices to the network.
  • Alter your router's DNS to


Don't hesitate to reach out again if the issue comes back! We'll do our best to get on it right away, so that you can enjoy your music.


iPhone 13mini iOS 15.3.1





No specific event. Hard resetting didn't work and my speakers are up to date.


I have the exact same issue but with an entirely different set up so I don't think it's their speakers, I think it's Spotify. 

It will play on my Samsung phone, and that's it. It won't play (or even load, the app is a black screen rn) on PC, it might sometimes co-operate and play a few songs on the LG smart TV but won't stream, and can't stream to Amazon Echo or Google Nest, nor will either of them respond to voice commands related to Spotify. I've reinstalled, restarted, and reset EVERYTHING, no changes.


Hi there, thanks for asking in the community. I see you are having issues with Spotify Connect. There are few steps you could try to fix this easily:

  1. Go to, go to your account
  2. Scroll down and click on Sign Out Everywhere
  3. This will log you out everywhere and you will need to download your content offline again
  4. After this, uninstall the Spotify App and re-install
  5. Sign in and check if it is working as expected

Let us know how it goes!



Oneplus N10




I got plenty of more WAM speakers, but this is my main.


No bueno. This did not help.


I'm noticing that I can choose either speaker in the Devices menu in the Spotify app. If I choose my receiver, I can then control playback using my receiver's remote, but I am unable to control playback using the Spotify app on my iPhone or on my MacBook. This also happens with the web player. I see this:



When I click the Play button in Spotify on my MacBook after selecting the speaker device, I get a blue message that says, "Spotify can't play this right now. If you have the file on your computer you can import it."


I can't believe I'm the only person complaining about this. I can't enjoy my music anymore on my speakers. Makes me want to cancel my subscription and leave Spotify because Spotify is providing absolutely zero support for this despite me being a long-time loyal paying customer.


This is SO FRUSTRATING. I'm a paying customer, Spotify. Offer some actual support. FIX YOUR BUGS. Stop ignoring your customers.


Same issue, 4x samsung speakers stopped working in spotify. They show up, but wont play anything. If I group them, spotify will see the change, but still wont play.


HW-K950 soundbar

WAM650 speakers x3

All on newest firmware


Player doesnt matter. Tried both android 9, 10 and windows player, all updated. They all see the speakers, but wont play anything








I’m having the exact same issue on my iPhone 13 Pro Max (iOS 15.4), iPad Pro 11” (iPadOS 15.4), a Windows 11 desktop, and a Windows 11 notebook. I can control the playback of my devices (like my PCs) from my phone but I can’t get Spotify Connect to connect with my Echo or Sonos speakers. I’ve completely signed out and uninstalled the app from every device, logged out of Spotify from the Sonos app, and disabled the Spotify skill in Alexa. I go through the trouble of installing and setting things up again and it doesn’t work with my Echo or Sonos speakers. I can’t even get Alexa to playback Spotify with voice commands to selecting from their displays.


Spotify plays fine in my devices, I just can’t play to or control my speakers from them.


Same issue here. Two WAM750's and one WAM550. Were working fine until a couple of days ago. They show up in Spotify, but I can't connect to them. Maybe some API that got changed somewhere in the backend on Spotify's side? The speakers still work fine with different apps, such as TuneIn. 


Spotify version on Android 11


Same. I have a Sony STRDN1080 with the latest firmware, and any device that tries to connect to it just sits on “connecting” then fails. Issue just started this week.