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Spotify Connect not working on multiple 3rd party devices

Recently there have been numerous reports that Spotify Connect is not working on 3rd party devices like wireless smart speakers, multiroom speakers, sound systems and receivers. 

It's either possible to connect to the speaker using the Spotify Connect picker, but songs cannot be played and playback cannot be controlled, or the speakers appear grayed out and cannot connect at all.

Hello everyone,


We are aware that this issue has been going on for quite some time now. Thanks to your reports and immense help in troubleshooting this, we are happy to say that this should now be fixed. The information provided from members of the community greatly helped the tech teams from Spotify. They worked together with different speaker manufacturers over the last few months in order to pinpoint what was causing this connection issue and were able to sort it out.


If you're still having issues playing music on your sound systems via Spotify Connect, we recommend the following:

  • Check if there are any firmware updates available for your speaker and install them.
  • Reboot your router and re-connect all devices to the network.
  • Alter your router's DNS to


Don't hesitate to reach out again if the issue comes back! We'll do our best to get on it right away, so that you can enjoy your music.


I have just tested out some extensive trials.



3x Lenovo Smart Clock gen 2

2x Google Nest Mini



All defaults and no firewalls or NAT or anything.


The google products has no issues at all but the issues are with the 3rd party product running on google assistant.


1. The issue seems to be limited to the Windows/Linux app only

2. The Android/iOS apps seems to be good and shows all the casting devices (3rd party too)

3. Changing DNS has no effects.

4. Web player (chrome only) shows all the casting devices (3rd party too). Here it relies on the browsers functions to find and connect to the casting devices.

5. Other applications which has the casting ability can find and cast to the devices perfectly but its just Spotify which cannot


My verdict is something is gravely wrong with the back-end Dev of APP itself which Spotify should take is seriously.


My Spotify Connect has worked fine since September 2022, and suddenly the issue returned today in the Netherlands. Is anyone else experiencing problems?


I am also unable to use spotify connect on any device having followed all the advice I could find including full reinstalls. Mine has also been fine for a long time


Had been playing music from Spotify to my Google Home and nests for years with no real issues. This evening I tried to "cast" to Google home and nest and just got "connecting" and the chime, but nothing ever played on the speakers. Same story when I tried to connect to Chrome cast. Tried reinsatllation of Spotify etc but no change. Still can't connect to speakers or Chromecast. WiFi router was also reset.

Mine’s not working, either. Cambridge Audio streamer.

Also having issues on all devices just today, no prior issues or changes made, no updates available. Triggers the connect sound on speakers but fails to get out of connecting phase on Spotify. Devices impacted were:

x2 Google Home Smart devices

x1 Windows 11 PC

x1 Samsung TV


Attempted app reinstalls and router reboots, so judging from comments, suspecting a Spotify issue.


Appeared to work okay via Bluetooth with my Google Pixel Watch 2.





**** UPDATE = It's fixed itself 🙄😂... loads of others reporting the issue, now fixed apparently.

Could have saved myself a load of typing 😆


6 Feb 2024 - 2200 UTC  in the UK:


I think I have the same issue.  About an hour ago I played music from the Spotify app on my phone (Android).  It played fine on the phone. When I tried to send it to a SONOS speaker it stuck on 'Connecting....' for a long time until it timed out but it didn't play on the SONOS.


I then tried playing Spotify to the same speaker via the SONOS app (so I access my Spotify account within the SONOS app), and it worked fine. I also found that I could play different music from my Spotify app on the phone at the same time as playing different music from my Spotify account via SONOS. And the two apps were not synchronising with each other. 


I experimented as follows:

1. Tried connecting to other SONOS speakers from the Spotify app = same result.

2. Tried playing from the Spotify app on my Windows Desktop PC = exactly the same result as via the Android Spotify app, it played on the PC but timed out while 'Connecting...' to any 3rd party device. 

3.  Tried connecting to other (non SONOS) devices on my network such as a Sky TV box and directly to a WebOS TV = found that while the Spotify app on my phone is saying 'Connecting...', the Spotify app(s) on the chosen Sky box or WebOS TV will repeatedly open and then close again but never play the music. 

4.  Then I noticed that when I try to connect to a SONOS speaker from Spotify, the **SONOS** android app shows that music from a previous (old) Spotify session is in the queue. I can **end** that session in the SONOS app, but the next time I try to connect to a SONOS speaker from the Spotify app the same **OLD** Spotify session re-appears in the SONOS app again.

5.  I checked that all my apps are up to date and no firmware updates available on any of the hardware. 

6.  I removed the Spotify service from SONOS and re-connected it = no change, still doesn't work. 

7.  Then I noticed that if I use Spotify (the Spotify apps) on my android devices and my Windows desktop they are synchronised with each other and I can switch devices too and from any device running the Spotify app. 


But whenever I try to connect to any third party device from within any of my Spotify apps it won't connect. 


I have not yet been able to reboot my entire network as suggested in the instructions in the status update at the head of this thread - there are critical things running on my LAN at the moment that I don't want to reboot at this time. Neither have I been able to change DNS settings because my  router will reboot. My current primary DNS is (cloudflare) and secondary is my service provider's own DNS. 


What I see is that everything is working OK between any device running a Spotify app. Also my SONOS apps can connect to my Spotify account to display my playlists and play music. So given that, for me, this issue spans multiple hardware manufacturers on multiple devices but the only thing that doesn't work is 'connecting' to other 3rd party hardware then the issue seems to be with Spotify?


Interesting to note that when I try to 'Connect...' to 3rd party hardware, those devices obviously get some  communication from Spotify because the 3rd party apps open on Sky and WebOS TVs, and an old (expired) Spotify session appears within the SONOS app, but Spotify apparently fails to connect. 


I note that there are at least 5 of us reporting this issue within the last couple of hours.  


I think I'll sit tight and see if it 'fixes itself' within the next 24hrs.


Sorry for the lengthy and probably confusing post, but I though it was worth sharing my experience for others to compare. 


I've been getting iterative fixes automatically the last hour, seems they're aware and resolving, so no need to reboot your LAN or further troubleshoot I wouldn't think!