Spotify Connect on Marantz NA6005

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I have said device perfectly configured, it is on the same wi-fi, internet radio works flawlessly, DLNA servers too, Spotify on the PC and mobile devices (Android) "sees" it as available to be connected with. But as soon as I choose to "Spotify connect" with it, it just stops doing, what it was doing (playing radio), freezes for brief moment then just retries to resume previously interrupted function (internet radio). Playback on PC/Smartdevice doesn't even stop when Spotify connect is executed. It just displays "connecting..." for a very brief moment and then continues to do, what it was doing as if Spotify connect was never called out in the first place, also not showing Marantz in available devices anymore.

 The Marantz itself seems to lose connection with attempt of connecting to it, then reestablishing it soon afterwards (but I can't be 100% sure, if it really loses connection).


Does any owner of Marantz NA6005 or similar experienced such issue?

Does anyone have a solution to this?


I can assure that I'm using latest firmware on A/V and I have updated Spotify on every device as well. I use family premium account. And yes - it was working fine when I first bought Spotify Premium back in april 2016. It just suddenly stoped working anymore somewhere around september/ october.

Hi @ebo1!


Thanks for sending over that info.

We are aware of it and we're looking into it.


Stay tuned for any updates 🙂 


I am having the same issues and more with an Onkyo NR-686. Have uninstalled, updated, signed in/out, disconnected, reconnected, and screamed repeatedly to no avail.