Spotify Connect shuffling not working at all

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 Device: Android device and Windows PC


Operating System Version:

 Windows 8 for PC and KitKat for Android

Spotify Version:

 Latest Version



It seems to me that whenever I start a shuffle on my phone and transfer to play on another device (my computer) via Spotify Connect, the same 20-30 songs are shuffled but not the entire playlist. It happens to when I shuffle a playlist folder and when I shuffle a playlist itself. When I shuffle the playlist folder, it chooses a random song that starts with A or a # and the rest of the songs fall in that same category. For playlists, it shuffles the first 30 or so songs that are on the top of the playlist.


I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this because I don't think there's a solution to this but rather I would like to bring this up to Spotify's attention as this seems to be bug. 

To reproduce:

1. Start shuffle of a playlist or playlist folder on phone (or possibly any device)

2. Use Spotify Connect to transfer sound to another device (for me it was PC)

3. You will notice the shuffle will no longer be a true random shuffle but very predictable


 The workaround for this is if I start a shuffle on my computer and then control it from another device then the shuffle works fine. It's when you start a shuffle on one device THEN transfer sound via Spotify Connect is where the shuffle goes bad.


I posted this same issue in this thread but it got tagged as a non issue. It seems to be the moderator misunderstood the issue and thought it was about about Spotify's shuffling algorithm not being random enough but it's just flat out broken. Some other users in that thread had the same issue I had. Like I said before, my playlist is has 3,000 songs so it's not a coincidence the shuffle breaks and the same songs keep playing when I transfer the sound to another device.


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Hey there! 


Does this happen with all of the playlists that you have? Also, how many songs you have on your playlists? We'd like to take a closer look.


Keep us posted.


Yes, it happens to all my playlists. I think I've got it figured all out to explain it to you after trying all types of playlists and methods. I thought the problem only started when I started my shuffle on one device (my phone) and then transfer sound to another device (my pc) but it also happens after I shuffle a playlist from the start via Spotify Connect from a device that is not playing the audio. This happens to both Playlist folders and playlist. I have numerous playlists containing hundreds of songs ranging from 100 songs to 600 songs. I also have a huge playlist containing all my playlists into one.


Now, If my phone and computer both have spotify open and connected online and set the sound to come from my computer via my phone and shuffle any playlist on my phone, the shuffle is broken because it only shuffles a section of the playlist. Doing it this way, the section of the playlist is always at the top. So it basically starts by shuffling the first 50-75 songs of my playlist that is much larger than that. Now on my phone if I set the sound to come from my phone and shuffle a playlist all is well as long as it's playing on my phone. Whenever I transfer sound to my PC during a shuffle the true randomness stops and I notice the Play Queue is now completley different then what it was before I transfered the audio. I notice that whatever song I played last before shuffling, it shuffles the songs around that song on my playlist, but no longer the entire playlist. So again it is simply shuffling sections of my playlist depending on the last song truly shuffled by my phone before transfer. I verified this by going to the playlist I shuffled on my PC and went down to the song that was currently playing and noticed all the songs coming up in the Queue are songs that are within around 50-75 spots of it. I hope that makes sense and I'll gladly explain further if needed.




Is this being looked into?


I have the same problem as described above. This is defnitely a bug. I listen to music mostly by shuffling my saved songs (~3000).


I sent the moderator a PM for a follow up or update on the issue like a week ago but nothing. I may just have to start yet another topic on this so it gets attention.


Thanks for all the info! 


We're sorry we haven't replied in a while, it's been a busy month and we'd like to reply to everyone as soon as possible. 


Does shuffle work properly if you stop using Connect? Also, if you change the sorting settings from your phone or PC does it work any better? We'll continue to look into this. We appreciate your patience.


Keep us posted.



Shuffling is still broken for that playlist even when you stop using connect and control from the device music is playing on. It begins to work correctly when you select to shuffle another playlist (no connect). The sorting setting from either phone or PC does not make it work better. Having the connect commands come from the PC rather than the phone did no difference either.


Basically you can't listen to a shuffled playlist if you control the music from a device that's not playing the music. That's pretty much all there is to it. It breaks the shuffle completley.


I am experiencing the same issue / bug as described above.




We’ve recently made some improvements to our shuffle algorithm. We’d love to hear your feedback here:


We'll make sure to pass this comments to the right team to keep improving.


Stay tuned for any updates.


Are you serious right now? You said the same thing when I made my first thread. This isn't about shuffling playlists in general, it's with Spotify Connect and it is completley broken not flawed. There is no attempt at a shuffle. It's a clear bug.